Monday, September 28, 2009

Male On Monday: Matt Dillon

Brigid Coady is celebrating her birthday by sharing a teen crush with The Pink Heart Society.

As it is my birthday today and I figure I can do what I like on that day (and my mother can no longer send me to my room for being a birthday diva) I have chosen one of the earliest crushes I ever had.

Step up… Mr Matt Dillon.

Ever since I saw him play Dallas in ‘The Outsiders’ as a teenager I was a goner. A bad boy with perfect features he stole my heart. His poster was plastered over my walls and I was certain I was going to marry him when I grew up. Hmm he’s single, I’m single… this could still happen!

Six foot Matthew Raymond Dillon was born in New Rochelle, New York. Through his father, Matt is related to comic strip artist Alex Raymond. He has one sister and four brothers, one of whom, Kevin Dillon, is also an actor, from the hit TV series Entourage. He grew up in Mamaroneck, New York.

In 1979, casting director Vic Ramos went to Mamaroneck High School and spotted Matt cutting class. He asked him to audition for a role, and Dillon made his film debut in the violent teen drama Over the Edge. After a few teen movies in the mid-1980s he starred in three movies based on S.E. Hinton books. First he starred as a fatherless country boy in Tex, then he headlined a cast of superb young actors, including Tom Cruise, Emilio Estevez, Rob Lowe and Patrick Swayze (RIP), in the moving The Outsiders, and finally he was back in trouble once more in the superb Rumble Fish with Mickey Rourke.

As his looks matured (and boy how they did!) Matt moved into broader roles such as the smooth-talking Brooklyn teenager conning everyone at a posh Florida country club in The Flamingo Kid (he made a pink polo shirt look fab). He made his first foray into adult action with Gene Hackman in the thriller Target and then struck gold with the critics with his performance in the uncompromising 'Gus van Sant' film about drug addicts, Drugstore Cowboy. Unfortunately, his next few films fell back into a degree of mediocrity until another intriguing performance as a young schizophrenic in The Saint of Fort Washington, then another romantic comedy role in Mr. Wonderful. He worked again with van Sant as naive husband Larry Maretto opposite murderous Nicole Kidman in the icy thriller To Die For.
Matt remained busy and turned in excellent performances in the sexy thriller of murder and double-crosses, Wild Things. He was hilarious as a sleazy private eye lovestruck by Cameron Diaz in the box-office smash There's Something About Mary. He also dated his co-star Cameron Diaz for a number of years. He starred in the black comedy One Night at McCool's, made his feature film directorial debut with City of Ghosts, had a day that goes from bad to worse in Employee of the Month. And, for his work in the Best Picture Academy Award winner Crash, Dillon received a long-overdue Oscar nomination, as Best Supporting Actor.

As you can see from the photos that he has aged very well! He supposedly is a keen runner and can be found running in Central Park, New York City. Hmmm I’m off there in November… I think I should pack my running gear because who knows I might bump into him there. Of course as soon as he sees me he’ll propose. Mrs Brigid Dillon. I like the sound of that!

Biddy is wrestling with her latest book, it got a good report from the RNA’s New Writers Scheme so it is back on track. She is also going into training to ensure Matt Dillon can’t run away.


  1. Happy Birthday Biddy!

    I've put another of your favourite males on my blog to help you celebrate - he's a little grey but you love him!


  2. Awww thank you! My other Dylan ;-)


  3. Happy birthday, Biddy! And is it me or is there a distinct James Dean/Marlon Brando look there? :o)

  4. Happy B'day Biddy, and OMG, I think we may be evil twins cos Matt was one of my early crushes too... Was a huge Outsiders fan and well, Rumble Fish, have to admit I defected to Mickey Rourke for a while, but I came back to Matt recently in Crash.

    That scene where his cop (after having sexually assaulted Thandie Newton) ends up rescuing her from a burning car totally blew me away. Just before the paramedics arrive he hugs her.. That moment is one of the most beautiful moments in any movie, because here's this guy who you know is a vicious, racist creep, but underneath that is a human being who can't hide from his humanity any longer. It was a brave performance in a brilliant movie.

    So if you catch him Bid, I will be expecting an invite to the wedding!!

  5. Happy Birthday Biddy and my daughter sends her regards as well.

  6. Happy birthday Biddy and because it's your special day, it would be unfair of me to tell you I've had an understanding with Matt Dillon for years now ... he's just waiting for me to grow up!! He'll have a long wait :-)

  7. Kate - thank you! And yes he does have that rebel bad boy thing going on!

    Heidi - we obviously have an ESP thing going on. I haven't seen Crash yet but am putting it on the list. And of course the wedding invite will be in the post.

    Thanks to all the Styles!

    Joanne - I've heard he got tired of waiting... so he is ALL MINE!! MWhahhahahahaha!!

  8. CarolC said...

    Hey Biddy a HUGE Happy Birthday! Hope you have some great celebrations planned.

    I'm right there in the queu of Matt Dillon fans, he was my dream husband for several years. My favorite role of his is opposite Uma Thurman and Natalie Portman in Beautiful Girls. I've watched it about twenty times and this is as a grown up!

    Happy Birthday again and hope to see you soon at the RNA Winter Party.

    x Carol

  9. Hi Carol! Thanks! I had a weekend of celebrations and a lovely meal out tonights.

    As long as you are right BEHIND me in the queue for Matt Dillon we will be fine :-)

    See you in November

    Biddy x

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