Monday, September 21, 2009

Male on Monday - Did anyone call for Inspiration?

This Monday is less of an exposee and more of a...well, Donna considers it a public service, really...

Male on Monday is traditionally a time where our bloggers treat us to a visual - and biographical - exposee, and I look forward to it every week. Lord knows I've used it for inspiration tons of times.

This week, I can't do that though, because the man I'm about to show you is nameless. I don't know who he is, so I can't give you stats, or history, or anything.

That said, They do say that a picture paints a thousand words, and in this case I'm thinking perhaps 50,000 or more. I saw this and instantly saw HERO.

He could be a commanding Sheikh, or a revenge-seeking Spaniard, or a passionate Italian. And so this is my public service to you, our Pink Heart Society writers. This is Mr. Hot Cologne Ad.

Incidentally - if you can find the cologne - do it. The magazine had a sample strip and my husband tried it. It smells DELICIOUS. It's only available at exclusive locations in the US though, and I'm trying to figure out how I can get some here in Canada in time for Christmas.

Donna's latest hero inspiration has got twinkly blue eyes, brown curls, and a small scar beneath his right eye.

You can grab her latest book, Montana, Mistletoe, Marriage (with Pat Thayer) beginning October 1 on eharlequin.


  1. Great way to start a Monday morning Donna - thank you.

    And in return - here's some info on Mr Hot Cologne Ad

    His name is Oriol Elcacho and he's Spanish

    and if you'd like to do a little extra research you can do it here:

    I love making my writing friends work really hard!


  2. Now I'm not usually a fan of the Latin type... but *fans self*

  3. Thank goodness for friends who can answer questions for us! He is yummy and now we know he's Spanish! He looks a bit Indian to me! One thing's for sure - he's hot!

    This weekly inspiration is really ... inspiring! :-)

  4. Phew! Hot indeed. I wonder if he needs any help in putting on his cologne? I'm more than happy to assist! Take care. Caroline x

  5. Oh he's seriously yummy. I've saved his picture in my special folder ;-)

  6. I can always depend on you Kate! LOL

    As for the rest of you....see...I knew posting this ad was bound to be inspirational. I know *I* was inspired....

  7. Donna, I was looking for a new hero. This guy will fit the bill perfectly. My heart beats quickened just looking at him. Thanks for sharing. And thanks Kate for identifying him.

  8. Great way to start a Monday morning.......i wonder how they can manage these much exercises with day-to-day work......keep posting. Will be visiting back soon.