Wednesday, September 30, 2009


September marks the third birthday of The Pink Heart Society! That's three years of YOU - and US - celebrating the great stories that make up Category Romance!!!!!!!!!

A few things have changed over the last few years - but one thing has always stayed the same, and that's the REAL reason why we're here - and why you keep coming back. I went back into the vault and pulled up the original launch party post by our founder, Trish Wylie whose passion for those "little books" with big hearts started the ball rolling.

If you are here then you are a loud proud lover of category romance just like we are and you're not afraid to say it to the world!!!

You're a lover of hot heroes and lovable heroines, of having them thrown together in a situation you simply can't see them finding a way out of, only to have them show you a thing or two about heroism, and hope, and truth, and love as they beat all odds to come together.

We all need to believe in Happily Ever After, right? So let's spread the word gang, let's shout it out - We love Category Romance - Say it Loud, Say it Proud!!!

And over the last three years we've brought you writing tips and tricks, reading recommendations, a little visual inspiration with our Male on Monday feature...not to mention Harlequin/Silhouette editors popping in now and again, virtual travel, movie reviews....and lots and lots of surprises!!!

To say a huge thank you to all our blog readers, we have a fantastic present up for grabs - enough to keep even the most voracious reader busy for a week or two. Now here's the deal.

Post in the comments and let us know what your favourite thing about the Pink Heart Society is - or what you'd most like to see more of! We'll be drawing from the comments and posting the winner on Saturday, October 3rd!

Now what you've all been waiting for - the list of prizes!

Invitation To the Boss's Ball - Fiona Harper

Two Weeks in the Magnate's Bed - Nicola Marsh

Temporary Boss, Permanent Mistress - Kate Hardy

One Night Love-Child - Anne McAllister

The Savakis Mistress - Annie West

Montana, Mistletoe, Marriage - Donna Alward and Patricia Thayer

Taken By The Viking - Michelle Styles

Her Cinderella Complex - Jenna Bayley-Burke

Christmas Angel for the Billionaire - Liz Fielding

Bedded By The Greek Billionaire + tote bag - Kate Walker

Public Affair, Secretly Expecting - Heidi Rice



  1. I think my favorite thing is the sense of friendliness I get from both the writers and the readers of the Pink Heart Society. It's a nice variety of topics too, writing, reading,life, and great hero material of course :-)

  2. Favourite thing?
    It's hard to go past the delicious hero inspiration. I LOVE call stories and insights into some of may fave author's lives.
    Great blog!
    Happy Birthday!

  3. We love Category Romance!!!!!
    Happy 3rd birthday to PHS.

    this site is like a group of friends gathering each day;
    One gets their dose of HEA right here on this blog.
    thanks for the great times.

  4. I absolutely love the writing tips and info given by all those who post on Pink Heart - its a real family. I also love the book reviews, I know that if a book on Pink Heart has been given a great review then I'm safe to go and spend my money and enjoy! Last but not least, the male on Monday, mmmm... inspiration for a many a potential new story! Susan

  5. Happy birthday, PHS!

    I was attracted to the site by the writing advice and stayed because of the Male on Mondays (well, okay, all the other stuff too!)

    I also love the cheerful hot pink design and the easy to read layout. Nothing brightens up the day like a visit to PHS!

  6. Happy happy! Yay! What's not to love about this site?

    I've bought cd's, tv series box sets, books and movies all based on recommendations that I've read here!

    As for the writing advice - to use a cliche ... priceless!

    Opening the champers and drinking a toast to you right now! By the way ... any recommendations for coctails? LOL.

  7. What a romantic cake! Happy Birthday, PHS!

    I like the variety of 'all things romance' I find here. And you don't just restrict it to what's going on now but what's happened in history as well. I love that!

  8. I love it all. Can't resist Male on Monday. Soak up the writing tips. Weep over the happy call stories. Giggle over the shopping and travel snaps...

    Please don't go away...


  9. I love the features on travel, and writing. Not so keen on the Male on Monday, just because the idea of male eye candy does absolutely nothing for me. (I'm married). Sorry, but you did ask!

  10. Gosh Alison, you are good. I'm married too, but I've always been of the opinion, there's no harm in looking... and then looking again!!

    Sorry, have I just gone and lowered the tone. Again!

    Happy birthday PHS! And a big pat on the back to Trish for coming up with such a great idea for a blog. We're in your debt woman.

  11. Oh, it has to be the Male on Monday - they don't always float my boat but they're always easy on the eye.
    And that pink cake looks totally irresistible.
    Romance, informed comment and cake. What more could anyone want from a website?

  12. I love the variety of information and fun I can find here.

    Happy Birthday!!!!!

  13. I love the insight into all the author's lives and the feeling of community and sharing.

    Happy Birthday PHS!!

  14. I love the variety of posts. It is always interesting to stop by and read the posts. Thanks for the great blog.

  15. Happy birthday, Pink Heart Society! Congrats and thanks for the warmth, the wit, the wonderful posts. Every time I visit, I leave with a smile :-).

  16. I don't stop by often enough but I'm a big supporter of Pink Heart!! Happy Birthday .. you ladies are the best!!

    Charlene Sands

  17. It's so hard to believe three years! Three years of wonderful posts, guest appearances and review. HAPPY BDAY LITTLE PINK!

  18. Happy Birthday.

    Love everything...the writing advice, the interesting posts, the hot men...

  19. Happy Birthday! it is so enviting here. People are friendly, lots of information about writing, books etc. It's fun. Like a home away from home!

  20. None of my friends or family read category romances. After I found Pink Heart I knew I was not alone! A community of people with many difering skills, interests and ideas who are happy to admit romance matters. Brilliant.
    Many Happy Returns!

  21. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! The friendliness of authors and readers together. AND MALE MONDAYS!!!!!! I do not get to visit as often as I used to. I work during the day and take classes at nite.

  22. "Happy Birthday PHS"

    Favourite things? Well here goes:

    1. Male on Monday - every week I wonder "who will it be this week." Growwwwl.
    2. Writing tips.
    3. Male on Monday
    4. Hearing "the call" stories - always a shot in the arm for us unpubs to get that wip finished!
    5. Male on Monday
    6. Must watch Friday - always thought provoking.
    7. Male on Monday
    8. The cfellowship that is the romance book world - lovely authors - lovely readers.
    9. Male on Monday.
    10. Writer's Wednesday.
    Phew! Is that enough? Oh did I mention Male on Monday? Hee hee. Take care. Caroline x

  23. As an aspiring author, I echo everyone's thoughts about the writing tips. They're always clear and encouraging.

  24. Happy Birthday!! I like the books, movie reviews, guest authors and general posts about life.

  25. I love the variety here. While there are set "days," there is so much diversity to all the information that comes in, I just love it!

    Happy, happy birthday PHS!


  26. Oh it's difficult to pick something I like best. I think I would have to say it's the fact that the PHS blogs every day. Each and every morning I can visit and see what's going on, life a mini soap opera on my laptop :-)

  27. Happy Birthday, PHS. Any post that features pics of hot men is always appreciated.

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  29. I just wanted to send a big squishy hug to everyone who commented on behalf of all the editors, columnists and bloggers here at the PHS. Great news! We love what you love. LOL

    I'll be drawing and announcing the winner in my Saturday post, so please come back to see who's won the great prize!

    And thanks for celebrating our birthday with us!

  30. Congratulations and Happy 3rd Birthday PHS and many more to come!

    I love all the different daily author columns. The site is packed with great info and insight and is a daily "must" visit!

  31. Yeah PHS! Happy Birthday! I enjoy the friendliness and warmth in this group. The Call stories are always inspiring and the info valuable. The CAKE looks mighty temping too!

    BIG THANKS to all who put in the hard work to keep PHS going!

    Marian Pearson Stevens

  32. Happy Birthday! Sorry I was late getting here. Still smiling about seeing Hugh and Dan last week. Can't get my brain around 'real life.'

    Anyway, wishing you many more!

  33. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    And now I'm off to eat lots of cake on your behalf

  34. Hi everyone! Sending birthday greetings to everyone here at PHS - editors, columnists and readers. Looking forward to more great years with you all!


  35. Happy Birthday!

    I'm relatively new to your site but not to categories. I've loved them for years!

    Favorite thing: getting to know the authors a bit more personally! Love to know favorite books, movies, authors etc Makes you all more REAL to me.

  36. Wow! I had no idea this web site existed, but I've now added it to my Google account to follow. Thanks, Kate Walker, for blogging about it or I'd still be in the dark!

    Great articles/blogs! I'm looking forward to checking out the past blogs I've missed. From what I've read so far, though, you've crammed a lot of information into your blogs, yet apparently have this "Male on Monday" blog I keep reading about above. Can hardly wait for that too!

    Great comments from the other posters. They have all "lured me in"!

    Thanks for offering a great giveaway too.

  37. Happy Birthdday PHS. Sorry I'm late with this post, I've had my head down writing. I can only reiterate what everyone else says about Male on Monday. It's been a big help to me over the past three years.

    So I'll raise a glass to the next three!

  38. Congrats on the three years. Series romance is great! from a long time fan (>30 years!0


  39. Congratulations!!! Three years is fantastic--happy birthday PHS!

  40. Happy Birthday - I always enjoy reading Pink Heart, but one of the things I look forward to are the film recommendations (and Male on Monday). Thanks!

  41. congratulations, that is a very beautiful cake!

  42. Happy Birthday old friend!!!

    Here's to many many more years celebrating our love of romance novels.


  43. Hello there, you're blog definitely rocks :) this is my first visit here and won't be the last, that's for sure.

    Cindy@ kids bean bag chairs