Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wild Card Weekend - Post Submission Party Time!

This weekend party it up with Natalie Anderson, fresh from submitting her latest book!

Oh it’s the weekend! And what a weekend this one is going to be for me. After a week of consuming many bottles of ‘V’ and eating far too many M&Ms (not to mention that entire box of mini chocolate eclairs in one sitting…) I’ve sent my latest manuscript to my editor and I can collapse in a heap in the corner.

Well actually, I can’t. My hubbie is away for the weekend so I’m solo parenting the four kids (two of whom have the flu and the other two are bound to get it any minute). And as I’ve been ‘mentally-absent-mum’ for the past week (or seven) it’s time for me to sit on the floor, read lots of stories and build lego cities. I guess it’s not such a bad way to recover from M&M addiction and manuscript mush brain.

I would, of course, LOVE to be at the Romance Writer’s of Australia ( is happening in Brisbane this weekend. There are fabulous speakers and the R*BY winners are going to be announced!

However, if you can’t go but are a member of RWA you can hang out online at the Clayton’s Conference (go find it from their website). Or why not hop on over to Nicola Marsh’s blog ( and hang with her (I believe there are freebies to be had!)

Next weekend it’s the New Zealand Romance Writer’s Conference ( and this is one I am actually going to make. My second ever conference! I cannot wait to go and have a few late nights boozing with other writers (oh, and get the most out of the workshops with the fabulous speakers too of course). It will be my first trip away from my twins (who are nearly three) which is going to be weird. But it’s going to be wonderful to be able to hang with writer buddies, relax and get inspired all over again – I think it’s the perfect thing to do a week after subbing a manuscript!

Of course I don't usually have something quite so fabulous to do after submitting. But I think you have to do something pretty good - after all, its a LOT of work to get a book finished.
For sure there have to be those few days of zombie-dom, followed by some ‘OMG did I really send in that piece of s%*t panic’ but then there has to be some kind of celebration too – some ‘wow, I just finished a book.’ A bottle of wine, some more chocolate, some quality time with the family, maybe even (eeek) some housework and filing and organising and... nah - what about a TREAT for all that hard work! A new outfit? Hell, maybe just getting out of the trackies would be a start... a haircut? Oooh I know, a NEW BOOK to READ!!!!

Come on, what do you do to reward yourself when you get to THE END and send your baby out there?

And hey, as I'm on a post-sub high, just leave a comment and I'll random pick someone to flick a book to!

Natalie has just sent in what she hopes will be her 12th title for Modern Heat/Sexy Sensation. At the moment "Between the Italian's Sheets" is available on the shelves in OZ and NZ. Find out about her upcoming releases at her website:


  1. I sent a book in on Thursday. On Friday I took the day off and went to a local museum and grounds with my kids. Then it was a float in the pool and a walk with the family after dinner. It was the perfect relaxation and rejuvenation day!

  2. oh Donnna - I'd love a float in the pool right now - except its freezing and raining! But in a couple of weeks we're having a week at an Alpine resort here in NZ that has the most fabulous thermal pools - can't wait!!!
    So nice to be able to hang with the kids and not be 'distracted' huh?!
    Of course, now we just hope to 'hear' soon :)

  3. Hi Natalie. Congrats on sending in your book. Enjoy the weekend - you deserve it! Take care. Caroline x

  4. Congratulations on sending your latest manuscript to your editor! I hope the kids feel better soon. Enjoy the conference next weekend.

  5. Hope you know soon and that the book you sent is a go;
    sorry to the sick ones and take care;

    a new bottle of nail polish always tends to cheer me up and serves as a reward for me(non-writer).

  6. I'm frequently non-verbal by the time a book goes in -- like I've used up all my words. I usually have to veg for at least a day, then spend a couple of days digging out the disaster my house becomes during the home stretch. I then reward myself with a mani-pedi.

    I'm still reeling over the fact you're home alone with four kids -- two of whom are sick. ~bows to your superiority~

  7. Hey! Reckon, I'll have to don some nail polish for the conference then!
    I can't random pick - I'll just send you all a book - so Donna, Caroline, Chey, RobynL & Kim just let me know your postal addresses - send to