Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday Temptation: Unplugging

Helen Brenna reveals the joy of unplugging.

Sometimes I feel as though my computer and keyboard have become extensions of my body. Anyone out there get into Star Trek Next Generation? Remember the Borg? Humanoids who have been altered and plugged into a collective conscience? I feel like that once in a while. Completely dependent upon electronics and tied into a collective called the Internet.

If I’m not writing at my computer, I’m going through emails on the computer. If I’m not on the keyboard, I’m on the phone. If not on the land line, I’m on my cell phone, taking it with me on walks with the dogs and on errands. Then you got your iPods, dvd players, cable TV, Internet, Wi-fi, radio, cds. I could go on and on and on with electronic devices and the various ways we’re connected to the world.

Well, I’ve had enough. I’m unplugging. Next week.

My family and I are renting a lake cabin on a small lake in northern Wisconsin. Check out the pictures. Cool, huh? This cabin we’re renting was built in the early 1900s. It’s on a gorgeous, clear water lake. Has a nice fire pit, and you can’t even see the neighboring cabins it’s so secluded. I’ll have no cell phone coverage in this area. There’s no Wi-fi, no Internet or cable TV. I’m not even bringing my laptop.

div>Wisconsin’s been a great place for me to unplug in the past. My family and I have spent lots of time camping and playing in the northern part of the state. In fact, the inspiration for my new Mirabelle Island series, kicking off this month with FIRST COME TWINS, came in part from Wisconsin vacations.

Mirabelle, my fictitious island, is part Madeline Island, one of Lake Superior’s Apostle Islands, and part Mackinac Island, Michigan.

Think horse drawn carriages and virgin wilderness. Cobblestone streets and historic lighthouses. Homemade fudge and sailboats. Fireworks and ferry rides over the big waters of Lake Superior.

Think high school sweethearts offered a second chance at love. And others looking for a place to hide or heal. It’s quaint, but so far Mirabelle ain’t so quiet.

Here’s the series, so far. Two straight romances and two romantic suspense:

FIRST COME TWINS – August 2009
NEXT COMES LOVE - October 2009
THEN COMES BABY - December 2009

Anyway, back to unplugging.
This is the first time we’ve ever rented a cabin for a whole week and I can’t wait. All I’m going to do is hang out in the sun, fish, swim, nap, read, eat and play board games with my family. I have to admit I’m a bit anxious about going through withdrawals. And I’m already not looking forward to the massive amounts of email I’ll have to contend with on my return, but I’m thinking it’s going to be worth it!

When’s the last time you completely unplugged? How’d it go? Withdrawals? Piece of cake? Never doing it again? Best thing ever?

I’d love to give away a copy of FIRST COME TWINS, so comment away!

And happy travels! May I suggest Wisconsin?


  1. Helen - It is nearly painful to unplug but SO worth it. I love going camping with the family and enjoying the lake and campfires and books and when the hardest decision is what flavor of ice cream to buy at the campground concession.

    We haven't had time to unplug much this summer- just a day or two here and there. But in November we're unplugging for a week. I can't wait.

    Have a wonderful vacation!

  2. Have a great holiday, Helen. I'm looking forward to a holiday soon too - on a Greek Island! It's not exactly the back of beyond, but I am leaving the laptop at home. As its become as attached to me as a limb, I can completely empathise with the 'unplugging' feeling - but like you I'm looking forward to it.

  3. Hi Donna. Painful. I imagine that's what it'll feel like for a couple days. I'm hoping I relax quickly enough to really enjoy at least half of the week. LOL!

  4. Now you're making me jealous, Romy. I'd love going to Greece. Which island?

  5. I meant to start out by thanking everyone for having me here at PHS! So thanks!

  6. Love Wisconsin, Helen. And unplugging anywhere is a treat. We did it in the Bahamas a few years ago -- no phones, no tv, no radio, no nothing. Bliss.

  7. Hi Helen,
    I "escaped to Wisconsin" 6 years ago. My dh and I live in the Lakeland area in Oneida County on a lake.
    I love it--except for the part about no Wifi. That's the bad part.

  8. Helen, you made that cabin on the lake sound absolutely blissful!
    I love the Greek Islands, Romy, we backpacked around some a few years back - no, tv, phones, internet... Which one are you going to?
    Our latest unlugged destination was the Caribbean over Christmas. Loved lying out on the deck watching the stars with the sound of the waves washing on the shore. There's something about escaping to somewhere surrounded by water. Have a great time, Helen!

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