Thursday, August 27, 2009

Soundtrack Thursday - Theme Songs

Donna Alward talks about memories associated with "theme" songs!

Have you ever had a time where a certain song will come on the radio and you're instantly transported back to another time?

I'm guessing the answer is yes.

Me too!

Driving in the car and a familiar song from teenage years always takes me back to that time, and the memories associated with it. It can be something like Bryan Adams' Summer of '69 or Richard Marx's Right Here Waiting. Take it a step further and any time I see Dirty Dancing or something from Top Gun and I smell summer, think of shooting hoops, sleeping in the travel trailer where it was cool, and hangin' out with my friend Jackie.

When I hear Everything I Do, I Do It For You, I'm in second year university, having just started dating my husband and remembering dancing with him to it - one of our first big dates was going to his cousin's wedding. I remember that tummy-twisting anticipation of seeing him again, of being so crazy about him and all that kind of goes with that. LOL

Sometimes it's vacation trips that do it. A few years ago State of Shock released Money Honey and I never hear it without thinking of our friend John when we were all camping together. We had gone for ice cream and mini golf and he loved it so much he played air funny.

Last year, it was Rehab's Sittin' At A Bar, because it played on the sat radio most of our drive across Canada when we moved. I hear it and I'm sitting in the truck, surrounded by snack wrappers and singing along, listening to my kids laugh. It's a dumb song.

And this year, it's BEP and I Gotta Feeling. It's definitely this summer's song - but the true memory is dancing to it at the Harlequin Party in Washington.

I do the same thing with work, by the way. Certain songs I've listened to while writing. I will hear them and the memory associated with it is usually how it felt to be in the shoes of that character. The song is tied to story. Isn't that cool? Songs like My Wish by Rascall Flatts. Just about anything by Josh Groban. Josh was a biggie when I wrote my latest release, Hired: The Italian's Bride.

What are your theme songs and what memories are they tied to?

Donna's upcoming release is a novella called A Bride For Rocking H Ranch in the November Romance Montana, Mistletoe, Marriage. She's currently at work on other projects.

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  1. Wonderful post, Donna.

    The second I hear Phil Collins' 'In the Air Tonight', I'm walking down Queen's Road in Leicester in the snow, past the shop that sold proper coffee and smelled wonderful. (It came out quite a bit before then, but I borrowed the tape from my best friend and used to listen to it on the way to uni.)

    Fleetwood Mac's 'Need Your Love So Bad' is a blazingly hot Saturday in August (our wedding day, and our first dance as a married couple).

    I was lucky enough to do one of those 'Desert Island Discs' type of programmes on my local radio station, and had a ball doing it. Great fun.