Friday, August 28, 2009

Must-Watch Friday - The Proposal

Modern Heat author Heidi Rice proposes taking a peek at another of Sandra Bullock's trademark sassy little rom-coms, featuring the hunky Ryan Reynolds, and enjoying a few very nice surprises along the way.

I like Sandra Bullock... The woman has something about her that always makes me root for her. Even when she's playing a ball-breaking bitch of a book editor as she is in this comedy. Maybe it's that gawky, tomboyish vulnerability she has (even under her pristine perfection here). Maybe it's that endearing little wonky thing she has going on with her nose (which she didn't have corrected), or most likely it's that she always has a smart, sassy come-back at the ready for any eventuality (just like any Modern Heat heroine worth her salt).

Either way, the woman is seriously likeable. So much so that I'll even forgive her for looking so slim and fabulous even though she's only a year younger than me (I could hate you for that Sandra) and for making Speed II (and if you paid good money to see that film like I did you'll know there's a lot to forgive).

So when I took number one son to see The Proposal last night I was expecting to be thoroughly entertained, no matter what happened, because Sandra was in the movie and she's always watchable, even in crap...

That said, this movie did surprise me. Yes, it's a rom-com, and a fairly formula one at that. Sandra plays the aforementioned 'poisonous bitch' of a book editor who blackmails her hard-working, desperate-to-get-ahead assistant Ryan Reynolds into agreeing to marry her so she won't get deported because she's Canadian (I know, I thought Canadians could work in the US too, who knew!). She invites herself on a trip to his family's home for the weekend, so they can convince a suspicious immigration official that they are indeed in luuve (when Ryan in reality has dreams about his boss getting hit by a bus).

But while at his gorgeous Alaskan homestead, Sandra (whose character is conveniently an orphan) learns the importance of family (cue former Golden Girl Betty White as Ryan's dippy hippy Granny - boy, does that woman know how to deliver a comic line), discovers what a great guy Ryan really is (and not just in regard to his very impressive pecs) and....

Well, I don't want to spoil it for you if you haven't seen it, but I think you can guess where this is going. Sandra may start out as a hard-nosed, career-hungry bitch, but that's not how she ends up... Yup, this is another of Sandra's make-over movies, a la Miss Congeniality.

So where's the surprise? Well, first off, what I really wasn't expecting was how sweetly romantic this movie turned out to be. Apart from two kisses and one full frontal naked embrace (which is an accident folks, honest). There's no sex in this comedy, it's all about these two getting to know each other, before they get naked together (apart from that full-frontal naked embrace, but that was an accident, remember??). Yes, we still have lots of Sandra's trademark gawky slapstick but it's been subdued, so we can actually get to know the woman behind that buttoned-down, manipulative exterior.

And the other thing that surprised me was Ryan Reynolds. That man is seriously hot, especially when he stops kow-towing to Sandra, rediscovers his alpha side and strips off for the full-frontal naked embrace scene (did I mention that already?). Why have I never noticed this guy before?

So there you go, several very good reasons to see this movie: It's funny and sassy and surprisingly sweet, Sandra Bullock's always likeable, her wonky nose is still wonky and Ryan Reynolds is a hunk who looks exceptionally good naked.

Warm and Fuzzy Rating: A very respectable 8 out of 10

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  1. This is probably the only Sandra Bullock movie I haven't seen. Now I'm wondering why...

    And as someone who got her own (signed) copy of Heidi's Hot-Shot ~preens~, I highly recommend it. I can't wait to get Juno and Mac's book!

  2. Ryan Reynolds is seriously hot - must be a contender for "Male on Monday" surely? I agree I've always liked Sandra Bullock as well. She always comes across as such a nice person. Take care. Caroline x

  3. Cheers Kim and Caroline.

    And hey, Kim, I'm currently racing my way through the Magnate's Mistress and loving it...

  4. Thanks for the fun post, Heidi. I love Sandra, liked the movie, too. Much sweeter than I expected...
    and there were tears...maybe that was just me...

    Loved your review!