Friday, August 07, 2009

Must-Watch Friday - He's Just Not That Into You

Modern Heat author Heidi Rice suggests you sit back and enjoy this chick-flick-a-rama which deconstructs the dating game and takes no prisoners. But be warned, hopeless romantics may need a large glass of wine and a bar of Green & Black's on hand to truly appreciate it...

As that somewhat discouraging title suggests, this star-studded and surprisingly affecting rom-com takes a When Harry Met Sally.../He Said She Said approach to the dating game among a group of beautiful people in modern-day Baltimore.

The script is based on a book subtitled 'The No Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys', so it's probably no surprise that we start out firmly on the guy side of the equation.

With the suggestion that women are programmed from childhood to ignore the signs if a guy's not really interested in them. You remember, that moment when your mum told you snotty little Billy from down the road pulled your hair because secretly he liked you. Well, apparently according to this movie, that wasn't true. I know, I was a bit gob-smacked by that one (and more than a little miffed to discover little Billy hadn't been secretly harboring an unrequited crush on me all these years). The film then goes totally AWOL and suggests that these dating misconceptions about whether a guy gives a toss or not are not a guy's fault (for being so totally obtuse and insensitive) but actually the thought of the datee's happily-paired up female friends who will give her false hope by being all nurturing and supportive and not telling her the truth... That Mr Right is a figment of women's imagination.

And to prove it we had Justin Long's cynical, laddish bar tender who gives sweet misguided little singleton Ginnifer Goodwin the low-down on what guys are really thinking when they say they'll call (ie: I'll forget you the minute I've walked out the door) but she still basically refuses to get it because, well, she's a hopeless romantic. (And this was supposed to be a bad thing!!)

Then we have lovely Jennifer Aniston who's long-term boyfriend Ben Affleck won't marry her after seven years and professing he loves her because, well, he doesn't do marriage. (Poor Jenn, doesn't this keep happening to her for real?)

And also kooky Drew Barrymore whose somehow got caught up in a new technology vortex and hasn't even managed to meet anyone in the flesh before she's been dumped by email, or MySpace, or Twitter or answerphone message.

And finally Jennifer Connelly who is having trust issues with her husband in the middle of a house renovation (talk about timing fella!!). In fact the only relationship that seems to be working is the one between Scarlett Johansson's husband-stealing blonde and hunky cheating hubbie Bradley Cooper (yep, that's right, he's the one Jennifer Connelly wasn't sure she could trust).

Here's a little tastette....

All of which made me laugh out loud, and at the same time feel kinda depressed (that's where the wine and the G&B comes in, for purely therapeutic purposes you understand).

I mean, there really is such a thing as too much information. Where was the rom in this com? I was so not getting the warm and fuzzy vibe I wanted (unless it was from the wine). But then, just as I began to smell a rat. And think is this a chick-flick or a dick-flick? Everything started to magically take on a fuzzy pink glow...

I'm not going to go any further... Because that would be giving the game away. Surfice it to say that by the end of the picture, it turned out that if a guy says he's not that into you, just as we always suspected ladies, he's lying. And Mr Wrong can become Mr Right as long as you believe in true love (and you don't believe a word he says).

All was right with the world and I was able to save the last two cubes of my G&B for my next Must-Watch Friday Film..... Which will be The Proposal... Just in case anyone else is trying to put dibs on it... I got there first!!

Warm and fuzzy rating: a very respectable 6 out of 10!

Heidi's June UK release Hot-Shot Tycoon, Indecent Proposal is out now as a Sexy Sensation in Oz and will be a Presents in the US come September, while her the follow-up book, Public Affair, Secretly Expecting is due out in the UK in November. A mouth-watering sneak peek is now up on her website, while the even more mouth-watering cover (check out those biceps!!) is discussed in more detail on her blog.

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