Saturday, July 04, 2009

Wild Card Weekend - July 4th

Please welcome Susan Page Davis with this year's Independence Day post!

This Saturday will be a family 4th of July celebration for me, my husband and children. We’ll travel about 200 miles to connect with others in the family and enjoy the day together.

That means a day off from working on my upcoming book, but I’ll probably be thinking about it in the car on the way. I love writing historical romance, and several of my past books fall into this category.

My Maine Brides series featured different generations of the Hunter family. In each book, the hero was somewhat of an outcast. But by the end, the family had reason to celebrate. Family, forgiveness, and reconciliation are themes in many of my books, and those things dovetail nicely with holiday celebrations.

In contemporary books, I love to work in holiday celebrations—Christmas, Memorial Day, 4th of July. It takes a little more work in historicals, because you have find out if that holiday was celebrated in that place, at that time, and if so, what the customs were.

My characters in Frasier Island, first book of my American Heroes Series, were isolated on a remote island in the North Pacific. One of the few naval officers on the island brought sparklers along for the July Fourth celebration. When you’re far from home, keeping traditions can be especially meaningful.

I like to read about holidays in books. If major holidays are “skipped over,” I wonder why. So I use a calendar when I’m planning and writing, to make sure I don’t do that. If the book is releasing near a holiday, that makes it even more fun.

Whatever your idea of a perfect Independence Day celebration, I hope you enjoy it with your family and give thanks for the freedoms it represents.

Susan's latest Love Inspired Suspense is On a Killer's Trail, Feb. 2009.

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