Saturday, July 11, 2009

Weekend Wildcard: Conference Season

This week Biddy Coady is somewhere in the North of England suffering for her art.

In the Northern Hemisphere the days are long and the temperature is rising. In the Southern Hemisphere the days are short and the temperature is falling. But on both sides of the world it is the same season. Conference Season!
And as The Pink Heart Society is worldwide and always ready for a good time we have intrepid reporters at conferences on pretty much every continent (except Antarctica... I'm not sure they have a Romance Writer's of Antarctica just yet.)
This week happens to be the two big Northern Hemisphere conferences. In fact I am writing this while sitting in my room at The University of Cumbria in Penrith where this years Romantic Novelists Association conference is being held. From Friday to Sunday evening the great and the good of British romantic novelists will be here giving and taking seminars, having agent and editor interviews and drinking and talking, and drinking and talking a bit more. I'll be blogging early next week about all the hijinks but if you want to head over to the RNA's Blog for more info please do.

Then on Tuesday the party moves west to Washington DC. This years Romance Writers of America is in the US capitol city and I'm hoping it can survive! There is a huge gang of PHS regulars in attendance, in fact a few have skipped the RNA conference just so they can party Stateside! Shocking!

In August the Romance Conference spotlight moves down under. From 14th to 16th August Brisbane will be in the grip of the Romance Writers of Australia when they hit town for their annual conference. We are hoping that the Aussie crew will be bringing us some great updates of their shenanigans (and whether Hugh was in attendance!)

And then from 21st to 23rd August there is 'A Romantic Retreat', the great new name for the annual conference of the Romance Writers of New Zealand, in Auckland. Calling all Kiwis going! Let us know how it goes!

It makes me smile to realise what a truly global form the romance novel is. All over the world writers and readers are fired up and passionate about these stories.

I hope you'll pop in next week for updates from the RNA weekend and the gang at RWA. I will be Twittering when I can and you can follow me on my twitter account

Biddy is now off to the bar to 'network' and talk sensibly about writing... that is until she has a little too much wine and talks insensibly about writing. She'll be back on Monday and Tuesday with highlights and photos from the RNA.


  1. Oh Biddy - you're making me homesick for the RNA! I do wish I could be with you but the dates just didn't work with my trip to the RWA.

    I know you'll be having a wonderful time talking , networking, talkingg - a little wine . . . Raise a glass for me and please give a hug to all my friends up North with you. I miss you!


  2. I'll be at the RWAust Brisbane conference, and if Hugh's in attendance, there's a good chance I'll kidnap him and skip the conference! Lol :-)

  3. Hi Kate! We are missing you too. Lots of people asking where you are. More glass raising to you tonight.

    Hi Monique, have fun in Brisbane. And I would skip the conference too if Hugh was around.

    It is a beautiful morning here in Penrith and everyone is hard at work in seminars (yes I'm being bad and skipping one)