Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday Turntable: Movie theme tunes and first drafts

Michelle Styles discusses movie theme tunes and writing.

By the time, I finish the first draft, I can listen to songs with words but when I am writing the first draft, I tend to listen to classical music. For a variety of reasons, including the digital radio my husband gave me a few years ago at Christmas, I listen to Classic FM. It plays a wide variety of light classical music including lots of movie theme tunes. It is amazing but I do find when one comes on, my fingers move across the keyboard much faster.
The great thing is that there is a certain amount of serendipity in this madness. For example, when I was writing Impoverished Miss Convenient Wife and near the end, Indiana Jones blared out. I think I wrote an entire pivotal scene during that five minutes.

Other great movie themes include Pirates of the Carribean. Say what you like about the movie, but the music makes me want to write!

And then there is Lord of the Rings. Particularly when I am writing about Vikings, I enjoy hearing the music.

But one of the great things about listening to a radio station is that sometimes, you discover theme tunes you never thought of. As I was typing away on my latest, The Young Victoria came on. It inspired me to get the dvd as it was exactly the right time period, plus the music is beautiful.

Does anyone else have favourite movie theme tunes that they like to write to?

Michelle Styles is currently trying to finish her 1837 set manuscript which is due in a few short hours.


  1. Great picks!

    I love the soundtrack from the 2005 release of Pride and Prejudice.

    Breathtakingly beautiful music that runs the whole gamut of emotions.


  2. I shall have to go and listen to P&P, Amy. It sounds like a good choice for when I am writing Regency...
    But it is really the whole gamut of emotions thing that helps when writing the first draft, don't you think?

  3. Absolutely! And I'm thinking that I need to watch The Young Victoria now!

    I agree with P&P Amy - and also the Sense and Sensibility soundtrack from the Emma Thompson version...

  4. Michelle,
    I love the theme from Young Victoria! Thanks for the tip.

    P&R and Indiana Jones themes are favorites, also.

    Good luck with your deadline.