Friday, July 17, 2009

Romance Authors take Washington Post by storm

Donna Alward continues her RWA experience....

It's Thursday night, which means I've just returned from the eharlequin pyjama party - a total blast. Chocolate, drinks, chips, and lots of fun. My personal favourite of the night was Julie Cohen and her John Cusack t-shirt - seen here with Julie modeling in all her high fashion glory.

It was a great day, starting with the opening remarks by Janet Evanovich. It shouldn't astonish me when I hear of someone truly famous saying they started as a SAHM, but it does. The truth is, today's best sellers were right where many of us are right now - at varying degrees on our publication journey. It was great listening to her speak and very motivating.

Lunchtime meant the Keynote Luncheon and there was not a dry eye in the house when we heard Linda Howard speak - we were all laughing SO hard. She was wonderful. Deep southern drawl, deadpan face...the woman could do stand up. It was so enjoyable and it was also a great pleasure meeting other people at our table.

After lunch Fiona and I took in a workshop. And once that was done, we met Mills and Boon editor Kim Young and Editorial Director Karin Stoeker for a tour of the Washington Post. It was FANTASTIC. We met several people who work for the paper as well as had the opportunity to sit in on the conference where they discuss what's leading tomorrow's paper. In this photo from left to right are: Lynn Raye Harris, me, Shirley Jump, Barbara Wallace, Kim Young, Teresa Carpenter, Susan Meier and Fiona Harper.

Tomorrow is a big day - I have an agent pitch in the morning. Which means I'm off to bed...


  1. Can you feel the waves of envy coming off me!

  2. I don't know, Liz. LOL BBy 10 every night I should just go back to my room because I make NO sense. SIGH. I think by that time my brain just shuts off.

    But I AM having a wonderful time. :-) And your name has come up lots.

  3. The Washington Post visit sounds fab, Donna - what a great idea.

    But what is a SAHM? Am I being stupid? I can't work it out at all!

    Keep having a great time!


  4. Great pics, Donna!

    Best wishes for your agent pitch.

    Jessica, I asked hubby about SAHM and he immediately said it means Stay At Home Mom. Now trying to work out why he knew that and I didn't! *sigh*

    ~Sue~ xx

  5. Thanks for that, Sue ... Not being a mom myself, I feel excused from not knowing it!