Saturday, July 18, 2009

A quick post sans photos...

It is 1 a.m. and so this post will be without photos, until tomorrow when Fiona has promised to post. Today was a great day - started with a pitch for me and a few workshops. Eloisa James was the speaker at the Awards lunch and made me cry - such depth of emotion. The day really was lovely. A few other very nice things happened for me on a professional level and by late afternoon, I was totally ready for some peace and quiet - and so the three twins - yes, that's right- three twins - got together for some laughs and general wind down time.

THe three twins are, of course, me, Kate Walker, and Holly Jacobs. Kate is such a special friend and meeting Holly in person has been a real blessing. It was the perfect ending to my afternoon - pics to come. I'm simply too tired to make sense of taking them off my card at the mo.

Fiona, Shirley Jump and I went to a thai place for a light supper - yum. Then it was back to dress for the Harlequin Party.

You know I have had many high points of the conference, but I'm fairly sure that the highlight to date is the party. I have struggled staying up this week and thought maybe I'd duck out early. But add in one SMOKIN' hot DJ (and Shirley will back me up on this), great music and some WILD dancers and we stayed until the end - a bit after midnight. Jennie Lucas, by the way, is a maniac. I seriously think I lost five pounds tonight just keeping up with her. Jennie, I love you. You are nothing but awesomeness. Nora, by the way, was a few steps away with her groove on and at one point several of the London office contingent were dancing to the Black Eyed Peas with CEO Donna Hayes, who is lovely.

Jennie, Kate Hewitt, new Romance author Barb Wallace and myself caught a cab back together.

And now I'm for bed, and I'm totally looking forward to Fi's post with all it's photographic beauty.

I can't believe tomorrow is the last day.

H&K's, D


  1. You dancin' Queens! Glad you all had a great time!

  2. Ahh I still have fond memories of last year's Harlequin party in Frisco. And yes, Jennie Lucas is definitely a maniac...

  3. Ha! A maniac? Me?? :)

    Marilyn--hi! And Heidi--we missed you at the Harlequin party!

    It was so wonderful to finally meet the famous Donna Alward, who totally ROCKS and who is now and forevermore my Canadian cousin. Dancing with Donna was fab, along with the rest of our posse at the front of the dance floor (right in front of the DJ...hmmm...not sure how we ended up there). Along with Donna, the other main partners in crime were Fiona Harper, Kate Hewitt, Barbara Wallace...let's see, who am I forgetting? Sharon Kendrick and Olivia Gates were there briefly. Olivia's dress was truly magnificent with sequins. I'm trying to remember who else but still in my dancing-induced stupor. Will have to go through the photos to know!

    Start making plans for Nashville now, girls!!

    Jennie xx