Friday, July 24, 2009

Must-Watch Friday - Heidi's New Movie Buzz

Modern Heat author Heidi Rice is doing a Must-Watch-Out-For Friday this week, looking at some new movies that are either in the can, in production or are still at the rumour stage, but which Pink Hearters may well want to keep an eye out for when they finally pop up in a cinema near you...

First off, I'll admit that I did have the film adaptation of The Jane Austen Book Club lined up to do today. Based on a chick lit bestseller, a group of thirtysomething women find love while reading Jane Austen books. It seemed like a no-brainer. This had to be ideal Pink Heart Must-Watch Friday territory. Surely?

Then I watched it... And in between nodding off twice, and having several sudden urges to throttle a couple of the characters, realised I couldn't think of a good thing to say about it.

Which kind of left a great big gaping hole in the middle of my Must-Watch Friday Blog. So being a resourceful, can-do 'think outside the box' kinda girl (and just happening to have another job where I get to blog on movie news) I decided to do a blog today on movies to look out for over the next year, which I am already salivating over.

Twilight Autumn:

First up (on 20th November to be exact) is the second film in the hugely popular Twilight franchise, The Twilight Saga: New Moon. I've already done a Must-Watch Friday Blog on Twilight, and I'm now officially putting dibbs on this film when it comes out (so back off Abby Green!!) because it looks like an absolute corker. With Robert Pattinson's Edward away (but not for long, you'll be glad to know) we've got some muscular werewolf action to add to all the vampire vibes. And lashings more sexual tension, erotic paranormal fantasy and dark, gothic atmosphere of course.

But hey, don't take my word for it, check out the trailer on the official website here.

A Valentine's Date for 2010

Next up is Garry Marshall's new movie Valentine's Day (remember him, he's the director who did Pretty Woman and Runaway Bride) which — surprise, surprise — is currently rumoured to be due out on or around Valentine's Day next year. Giving all us girlies a perfect excuse to drag their significant others kicking and screaming into a cinema to watch a chick flick. And this has serious chick flick credentials, with good old Gazza assembling a star-studded ensemble comedy to play (according to IMDB) 'intertwining couples and singles in Los Angeles who break-up and make-up based on the pressures and expectations of Valentine's Day'. (Pressures? What pressures? Was this written by a bloke?).

There's a double whammy for fans of Grey's Anatomy with both Patrick 'McDreamy' Dempsey and Eric 'McSteamy' Dane on the bill. Bradley Cooper and Ashton Kutcher are also on eye candy duty and holding the ladies end up (so to speak) we have Julia Roberts, Shirley McLaine, Jennifer Garner and Anne Hathaway. I mean, that is one serious ensemble cast to die for, folks. I almost don't care if the movie's any good or not. I'd pay the price of admission just to watch that lot queue at the post office.

The 'Hugh in a Towel' Excuse:

Now for my excuse to post that PHS (and Kate Walker) favourite The Hugh In a Towel Photo. Hugh has (according to Variety) just signed up to do a film called Avon Man. And yup, as the title implies this Full Monty-esque comedy (that's Full Monty as in guys on the dole finding a new living, and not guys on the dole barring their butts, unfortunately) does involve our Hugh doing some door-to-door selling of a certain brand of cosmetics to the lonely housewives in his 'financially strapped' community. I'm thinking there's a fair amount of wish-fulfilment right there, before we even get into the movie's credentials which include a script by Hitch writer Kevin Birsch and well, Hugh Jackman, quite possibly in a towel. Am I the only one imaging a scene here where Hugh spills nail vanish down his kekks and then has to strip off... Actually, maybe I'm straying into Confessions of an Avon Man territory, but you get the picture. A girl can dream, right?

Col, Hugh and Bridge, Round Three Anyone?

Okay, so Bridget Jones's Diary Round Two (aka The Edge of Reason) was a bit of a dog IMHO, but I loved the first film, so I'm prepared to forgive and forget and indulge a little tingle of excitement at the news that Bridget Jones Three is now in the works. The plot will have Bridge now in her early forties trying to have a baby (but who with??). Variety is reporting that Renee is definitely up for gaining a few extra pounds again for the role of Bridget and will begin filming at the end of this year, but no news yet on her co-stars. And there's the rub, frankly, because without Colin Firth and Hugh Grant, is it going to be a goer? I've yet to be convinced.

So are there any movies there you absolutely must see? Or any other new movies on the horizon you are looking forward to and want to add to the buzz?

Heidi's latest Hot-Shot Tycoon, Indecent Proposal is out in New Zealand next month and the US in September. And her next book Public Affair, Secretly Expecting is coming out in the UK in November. You can contact her on her website or her blog, where she's been nattering recently about how to write a synopsis without driving yourself insane! And will be giving her top tips on how to write an engaging first chapter soon (ish).


  1. Your dibs is noted...

    I am looking forward to seeing Dorian Gray with Colin Firth and Ben Barnes. Apparently it comes out in September. There was a flyer in my dvd of the Young Victoria.

    I am also looking forward to the next installments of Harry Potter as I really enjoyed HP VI.

  2. oooo New Moon! Can't wait! There will be some RPattz in it as there would be a riot if he wasn't.

  3. Ah Dorian Gray, yes that looks very interesting... But I have to admit I wasn't all that impressed with Harry Potter VI, seeing it with three 11-year-old boys high on coke (as in cola!!) might have had something to do with it though.

    And yes, Biddy, apparently they've rewritten the book slightly to get more RP in the movie.. No surprise there then. But the chap that plays the werewolf looks like ample compensation to me.

  4. Jenna, am I getting the feeling you're not as excited about that as you might be!!

  5. I agree with you on the Jane AUsten Book CLub - I read the book and couldn't believe what a terrible read it was!