Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mr. Darceee goes to Washington

In a Capra-esque post, PHS editor Donna Alward blogs from Washington courtesy of her new eee pc - Mr. Darceee.
Mr. Darceee and I made it to DC with little trouble, though I arrived tired since I was up at 4:30 a.m. Tuesday to catch my flight. I admit Tuesday was a bit rough and boy am I glad I got here a day early, time for me to find me feet a bit.

Tuesday night was dinner, with Fiona Harper and Jennie Lucas- tons of laughs, wine, and lemon drops. Seeing as Fi was jet lagged, and I was already tired, we called it an early night. Early being before 11, actually. LOL

Wednesday was a free morning, so a group of us went to the Smithsonian. I had to leave earlier than others, but I really enjoyed the Hope Diamond and all the gems...we were coordinating the huge rocks with the outfits we'd packed and were generally silly. Then it was on to the Museum of American History. I loved looking at the dresses of the First Ladies. Here I am with Kim Young, Fiona, and Elaine Knighton.

Wednesday at 1 found me at the Heartbeat Chapter lunch - where I caught up with some of my Calgary chaptermates who were attending, and met some new faces. It was really enjoyable, and after that I spent a frustrating hour trying to find wireless in the lobby. THat's a refrain you're going to hear a lot in the blogosphere, by the way. People at nationals utterly frustrated at the wireless here.

It was a good way to warm up, to be honest, because at 5:30 the literacy booksigning began. It was a lot of fun - I sat next to Starr Ambrose who was delightful to chat to and I enjoyed talking to the people that stopped by. Some were familiar names and others were brand new to me - a bit of a thrill actually. And after that was over, I went to the Bookseller's Best Awards with Fiona who was nommed in the Traditional Category. It was great to see M&B editors Kim Young and Joanne Grant there as well.

Fiona and I then met up with a group of M&Bers in the lobby bar for some drinks and some much needed food fuel.

Tomorrow is a slower day, but since it's nearly midnight now I think that's probably a good thing...

Until later,


  1. Sounds fabulous - and there's so much more to come, you lucky thing. Will be following the posts avidly.

  2. OH you all look hot!

    It sounds like you are having a great time.

  3. You all look fabulous and are clearly having a great time. I have a postcard of the Hope Diamond from my trip there. And a dream catcher from the History Museum. Memories whizzing around my head here.

    Enjoy the rest of the week. Can't wait for your posts.

  4. Glad you're having a good time, Donna! :)

  5. Donna, it looks like you're having the most marvellous time! Hope the rest of the conference is just as good.


  6. donna, thanks so much for sharing. Have a wonderful time and please let us know who won the RITA's.