Monday, July 27, 2009

Male on Monday - Those Paranormal Guys

This Monday Donna Alward rhapsodizes about those mysterious, sexy, paranormal guys...

I will be the first to admit that I'm not a paranormal junkie, yet there are some shows that just suck me in with their mystery and dark, sexy edge. And the heroes - or anti-heroes - that populate them send hearts a-twitter, so I thought I'd mention a few today.

First let's be current - Harry Potter. I also admit that a lot of my paranormal watching is via YA material, and I'm heading to the theatre this week to see the sixth installment. Is it just me or is Daniel Radcliffe looking better the older he gets?

And for the more "mature" watcher....don't we just love to hate Luscious Lucius? Jason Isaacs is deliciously evil and yet somehow incredibly magnetic!

Then there is, of course, Twilight. I've already done M0M's on Rob Pattinson (Edward, for those of you who have lived in a bubble) and Peter Facinelli (Carlisle). What about Billy Burke, who plays Bella's dad, Charlie? He's so NORMAL. Protective of his daughter and trying to do the right thing by her, which is kind of hard when he's a man of few words.

I couldn't mention paranormal heroes without talking about Buffy, now could I. Raise your hand if you're a Spike girl - yes, I thought so. James Marsters started a cult following I think. By the way, I didn't quite recognize him in PS I Love You until halfway through the movie and the lightbulb went on.

The other camp are Angel fans, right? And David Boreanaz has gone on to a fantastic career in the ever popular BONES.

My personal latest paranormal watch is True Blood, based on Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse books. Bill Compton, very OLD vampire is played by Stephen Moyer, and there is something so dark and sexy (do you see the recurring theme here?) about him. Besides that, it's set in the south and there is something about the way he says "Sookie" that puts me into meltdown. Yum, yum, yum.
So what paranormal heroes have turned your crank lately?

Donna's latest book is Hired: The Italian's Bride, a July Harlequin Romance release that's still on the shelves, and hitting the stores in Australia and New Zealand in August.


  1. Nice topic!

    I watched the pilot of Being Human on Saturday and I loved Guy Flanagan as Mitchell the vampire. He was just perfect - dark, cool and sexy.
    After watching the first episode of the new series I am really disappointed. There's a different actor playing Mitchell and the makers of the show decided to make it less gothic. I'm not into funny vampires sorry.

    One of my other dark heroes is Michael Fassbender as Azazeal in Hex. Yes, he is a fallen angel and not the nicest guy around but his eyes *sigh*

  2. Oh Carolin, don't you hate that? Casting changes are killer, I think.

  3. They are. I haven't resumed watching Being Human yet.

  4. I think the Daniel Radcliffe getting better thing is because he is now a young man, not a boy. He's a cutie for sure!

    And don't forget Snape! I love Alan Rickman.