Monday, July 06, 2009

Male on Monday :: THE "LIST"

Today is Ally Blake's birthday so she's giving herself a pressie. not one but five guys worthy of hero inspiration who make up her "list".
You've all heard of the "list" right? That's the top five celeb guys you're allowed to have an affair with without any repercussions from your hubby.

Those of you Friends lovers out there might remember Ross had one when he was going out with Rachel. Isabella Rossellini was on that list. After much thought he eventually took her off the list, laminated his 'final' list, and then, wouldn't you know, met Isabella Rossellini!!! Foiled!!! And hilarious...

Anyhoo, considering I am at home with a toddler and a newborn, my "list" is currently on haitus ;), so instead I'm going to give you my top five guys I have yet to use as hero inspiration, what I like about them, and why I haven't used them yet.


Why do I adore him? Cause he's hot! Super, duper, yummy, dark hair dark eyes, great voice, yummylicious hot. So heart-achingingly adopring in Pearl Harbor. So darkly dark in his tiny part in Sin City. And ohy my did he break my teenaged heart when I first saw in in The Virgin Suicides.

Why am I yet to use him? Too young. That's the only reason I can think of. Or maybe he's just too beautiful. A scar, a broken nose, something needs to roughen the guy up a bit. This picture shows he's on his way!


Why do I adore him? Ummm, just look at the guy! If anyone can rival Hugh in a towel, he's it. He was super empathetic and fabulous in the execllent night time soap Third Watch. Gorgeous in his memorbale though blink and you'll miss them spots on Dirty Sexy Money and Samantha Who?.

Why am I yet to use him? Maybe because I haven't seen him in anything in ages. When casting a hero it absolutely helps if they are current. Any new little angle, or expression can create a lightbulb moment for any new hero.


Why do I adore him? The guy makes for a brilliant romantic hero. Please tell me you've ALL seen his turn in Bonnie Hunt's beeeeautiful "Return to Me". I think of him as the thinking woman's crumpet. But he also has a delicions dark side - see the delicious Californication. Likable, warm, shady, naughty, funny, quirky and with a voice like melted chocolate.

Why haven't I used him? Have yet to find the right vehicle.


Why do I adore him? To name a few reasons I'd go with Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. The Hudsucker Proxy. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. The Sting. He's pure class. He had one of the great Hollywood romances. He was self-deprecating and funny. Oh, yeah, and he had the face of a Roman god.

Why haven't I used him? I have a book in mind, I just haven't been quite ready to write it as yet.


Why do I adore him? He's 6'5", has a smile as wide as Australia, is madly in love with his wife, has the kind of magnetism that makes women love him and men go out and see his movies in droves. This choice is a total no brainer. Yet, in 20 odd books I've yet to use him as inspiration for a romance hero!

Why haven't I used him? I know! I know! He's the absolute prince of romance novelist hero inspiration, right? I've tried. Really I have. But each and every time it just hasn 't worked. The casting has been all wrong, and when I've finally found the right guy for the job the work has become a thousand times easier. That said, I'm not giving up. The dozens of pictures of the guy in my "Heroes" folder in my computer will not go to waste ;).

Now come to think of it, if I had to give you a list like Ross's in Friends, the above would have come pretty close.

So now, I have a question for you... Which five guys would be on your list? Hero inspiration or as per Ross's instructions - your choice!

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They're rich, they're powerful, they've always had everything they've ever wanted. Is there hope for them yet?


  1. Mine--in no particular order are:

    1. Matthew McConaughey
    2. Ryan Gosling
    3. Christian Bale
    4. Demetri Martin (comedian)
    5. Jared Leto (when he was in My-So-Called Life)

  2. @ Mari: just bought the "My So-Called Life-DVDs. Jared Leto was so cute!

    My list - in no particular order:
    1. Rufus Sewell
    2. Michael Fassbender
    3. Rupert Penry-Jones
    4. Damian Lewis
    5. David Garrett (musician)

  3. Happy birthday, Ally! Thanks for the hot guys.

  4. Happy birthday, Ally!


    1) Antonio Banderas
    2) David Duchovny
    3) Keith Urban
    4) Rufus Sewell
    5) Richard Armitage

    (But you could put Antonio at 1-5 and I'd be happy...)

  5. Now these lists I'm liking lots!!! Kate, I could put Chrisitan Bale 1-5 and I"D be happy ;). Ah, the ways of the muse are not to be questioned, even by husbands, right?

  6. Okay, these are "lists" so no need for jealousy, right? Cuz I thought I had dibs on some of these hunks!

    In no particular order:

    1. Paul Newman (my fav since before most of you were born)
    2. Jude Law
    3. Antonio Banderas (of course!)
    4. James McAvoy (my most recent crush)
    5. Pierce Brosnan/Daniel Craig (tie: or maybe that should just be anybody playing James Bond)

    (Are you sure you couldn't expand to 10 a la the Oscars for Best Picture, moving from 5 to 10 nominations starting this year? I really don't want to leave David Duchovny off my list!)

    Love the idea of a "list" to dream on.

  7. Paul Newman *sigh* - I remember how I discovered "Cat on a hot tin roof": it was a very hot night. I wasn't able to sleep and watched tv and there was this very old movie which is one of my favourite movies since. I even own a pop art version of the movie poster.

    How could I forget Richard Armitage?

    And James McAvoy... You just have to love that guy.

    Happy Birthday, Ally!

  8. Oooh, a list. I've never been that kean on lists, but I can certainly get behind this one. My guys (although I would never laminate it, because my list is always fluid and changing!!)

    1) Johnny Depp
    2) Marlon Brando (before he became enormous!!)
    3) James Dean (before he became dead)
    4) Pierce Brosnan
    5) Richard Armitage