Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Writer's Wednesday - Moving

Jenna Bayley-Burke was supposed to post about writing today, but since life has eaten her writing time the idea made her feel like a fraud. Instead, she's talking moving out and moving on...

I'm weird in that I like to move. I love empty rooms, full of promise. Fresh paint and clean carpet, new furniture and crisp drapes - bring it on!

Moving I could do without. My instinct is to toss everything and start fresh. Unfortunately, there isn't a sweepstakes truck out most things stay with us, even if I think they're far past their use by date.

Moving sets us up for new possibility, but it does seem to suck the creativity clean out of a writer. Tawny Weber and I were chatting on Facebook about it last week, how pushing all your creative energy into making a house the best it can be so it sells quickly. I thought of a bunch of stories about people who are moving, which made me realize...

There aren't really many 'moving' stories. Perhaps Tawny & I will start a new trend with out experiences! (Comment if you know of a story with characters who are mid-move. I'll hunt it down.)

Besides moving my family out of this house and into a new one (fingers crossed the underwriter doesn't bounce our sales agreement again), we're struggling with my best friend's breast cancer diagnosis. I haven't been home much, as her mastectomy was last week, so writing is barely on the to-do list. Answering the kids questions about what is going on is conflict enough for me!

And to complete my list of excuses for not writing, my last attempt at a Modern Heat was a no-go. Considering everything else, it wasn't the tragic news it could be. I hadn't touched the story in three months while waiting to hear, so it barely registered as a loss.
It looks like I'll be moving on physically and professionally as I broaden my horizons and begin a new writing chapter in my very own office.

Jenna is not writing much of anything, and won't be for a few months. In the meantime, Compromising Positions is available with chocolate, Kama Sutra yoga, a decade old crush and a steady addiction to sugar. To find out what Jenna is up to now...check out her website or blog.


  1. Hugs to you and your friend, Jenna. Thats so hard.

    As for the moving... guess what? Our house sold (2 days)so all that creative energy worked!!! I had to share *g* Thanks for your ideas and support - it really helped.

  2. See, Tawny and I are proof the real estate market isn't as scary as the news reports. Our house went quickly, and we've been outbid on 2 of the houses we went for.

    still haven't heard from the underwriter...or if we can extend our rent back...