Monday, June 22, 2009

Male on Monday: Matthew McNulty

Michelle Styles investigates a rising star as a possibility for hero inspiration.

Once I learnt that Cranford was having a Christmas special, I went looking to see if any of the new faces might make it for a Male on Monday slot and Matthew McNulty came on the radar...

Matthew McNulty is a rising star. In the latest Cranford he plays the opportunistic Edward. He has also been in Little Ashes, the Salividor Dali bio pic with Robert Pattinson where he played Bunuel and plays the young Eric in Looking for Eric as well as having a part in Unforgiven. He also played Fisher Bloom in the second series of Larkrise to Candleford and was Laura's love interest for awhile, according to my daughter who approved the choice.

According to a recent interview, 26 year old, Matthew is weeks away from marrying his high school sweetheart, Katie. They have been together for ten years (give or take a few hiccups) and have 2 boys. They also run an extras agency in Manchester. He is a Manchester City fan (well I guess someone has to be...) His father was in the Army and his mother died when he was teenager. He is the first person in his family to have gone to drama school.

Anyway, he is certainly an actor to keep an eye on. You can here a sample of his voice here.

Michelle Styles is currently regarding her looming deadline with trepidation and welcomed the excuse to go searching for possible new heroes.


  1. hmmm, unfortunately he's far too young for me.. and I'm not at all sure about that quiff!!

    Interesting choice though, Michelle. Always worth keeping an eye out for someone off the radar.

  2. Yes I was not sure about the quiff but thought he was reasonably interesting.

    Part ofthe trouble was that several ideas for a MOM had already been taken!