Friday, May 08, 2009

Must Watch Friday: Recommendations?

Donna Alward is back begging...pleading...for some springtime watching ideas!

I sat down to write this post and though, hmmm, what can I blog about? What great movies have I watched? What series is keeping me glued to the telly?

Guess what I came up with. BUPKUS. NADA. ZILCH.

Well, there was The Unit, but I did that one already. Then I thought, hey, what about TWILIGHT? But Heidi beat me to the punch. The truth is, lately I've been doing a lot more reading and spending time outside than watching tv. And what I have been watching are dvd collections (am on season 3 of The Unit right now).

So I'm asking the pros. What should I be watching? Picture me curled up on my leather sofa with a glass of red wine, some high-quality chocolate (or potato chips, depending on the craving) and my big screen. What is going to knock my socks off? What will make me sigh at the end, or get my pulse racing? What will make me reach for the tissues?

I'm counting on you - the alternative is me weeding the garden. Please - save me from myself!

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  1. Starting June 4 Burn Notice is back. Jeffrey Donovan - yum. There are supposed to be new episodes of The Closer too.
    Movie wise - not sure. I usually rent, but haven't in awhile. Kind of want to see Bride Wars with Kate Hudson.


  2. Have to admit, my required watching at the moment is Supernatural (which I believe you get too) and Ashes to Ashes (which you don't).

    Other than that, it's odd episodes of Two and a Half Men (it's the snappy one-liners - oh, OK, plus a chance to drool over Charlie Sheen).

    I too am behind... :)

  3. Okay, I know I keep banging on about this series... But nobody seems to be getting the message so here I go, banging on some more.. Actually maybe I'll do my next Friday blog about it...

    The Wire. Multi-layered, grim, gritty and challenging urban drama about life on the streets of Baltimore. It'll take you a while to get into it (especially if you're not up on the lingo of B'more's corner boys). But it's quite simply the best TV show ever made in my humble opinion. Written by a team of top crime writers (George Pelicanos is one) and performed by a mostly unknown cast (forget glamour, these actors look like the real deal and some of them are) this isn't escapism, but it's utterly addictive and I think it has a lot to say about the way cities are run (police, teachers, politicians and the press all have their own series) all over.

    And if you don't think you can face the gritty urban realism of The Wire, then try Mad Men. Because Jon Hamm is gorgeous.

  4. Ooh! I have one (and an excuse to comment at last): Southland. I started watching it for the Ben McKenzie factor but it's turned out to be a highly watchable sort of The Wire Light. And you can catch up on Hulu so no need to wait til it comes out on DVD!

    That's my vote.

  5. I, too, recommend Southland and The Closer (new episodes start in June)
    Heidi, I'll have to try the Wire, it sounds really good.
    Donna, if you want somehting light, a clever hilarious comedy, rent the first 3 seasons of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. I am constantly awed by the writing and the talent of the acotrs. It's Laugh out loud funny in every episode.
    Happy summertime, everyone,

  6. Hi Donna! I don't watch much movies but have a few favorites! One is OUTSIDER based on Penelope Williamson's historical. That was with Tim Daly and Naomi Watts. It was done by Showtime but its on DVD. Then one to cry with is GHOST with Whoopi and Patrick. Most probably saw that already. I rarely watch movies (I mostly want to read!) So I'm behind (very) with the newer ones!

  7. PS I'm looking forward to visiting here more! I read LOTS of Harlequins and single titles and haven't read yours so I have to work on that and see all I'm missing

    I hope I remember to find where this located. Do you have a 'Follow' box to click so that I can follow your blog? Thanks!

  8. Are you watching The Mentalist, Donna? Simon Bake. Good drama. Simon Baker. Interesting characters. And did I mention, Simon Baker?

    Also Castle with Nathan Fillion has a writer as the 'star' and some good repartee.

    And, of course, the aforementioned Burn Notice, which you should catch up on with DVDs before the new season starts if you haven't already done so. And if you have, you should watch them again. And again.

  9. Caffey - if you look under where our columnists are listed on the left sidebar, there is a subscribe in a reader icon for rss feed.

    Heidi - be careful calling The Wire the best show on tv, lol! I'm still in mourning over the ending of Battlestar Galactica. So much I pulled out the dvd of the mini last week and watched it.

    Anne - I've been meaning to watch The Mentalist. Simon Baker. Yep, that's why. LOL!