Monday, May 25, 2009

Male on Monday: The Regency Hunk

Buckskin breeches, form fitting cut away coat and expertly tied stock all waiting to be undone, Diane Gaston, Amanda McCabe and Deb Marlowe examine the appeal of the Regency Hunk

There’s no hunk like a Regency Hunk, with his expertly tailored clothes and thigh-hugging buckskin breeches. There are so many layers to peel off! First the boots and stockings, then the coat and waistcoat, next the neckcloth and finally the white shirt that does not button all the way down the front. His breeches are fastened by buttons and he may or may not be wearing drawers underneath. Finally revealed are muscles made firm by his life as an army or naval officer or by riding and hunting or boxing at Gentleman Jack’s.


But the qualities of a Regency hero’s character are really what make him an irresistible hunk. The heroes of our May anthology The Diamonds of Welbourne Manor (to be released in the UK in June as Regency Summer Scandals) are definitely hunks.

Brenner is the Noble Viscount in Justine and the Noble Viscount
Brenner epitomizes a man who takes his duty seriously, considering duty more important than his own needs and his own feelings. So when Brenner is given the charge of being guardian over his half-siblings, the illegitimate children his mother bore with the Duke of Manning, the indulged children he’s resented his whole life, Brenner does not even consider refusing. Brenner discovers that what he gives out of love comes back to him two-fold. Or six-fold, for that’s how many of the Duke’s children return his devotion.
Brenner is described as six foot one, thirty-two years old, hazel eyes brown hair. Sort of a brooding Patrick Wilson type.

Ned Milford is the Scandalous Rake in Annalise and the Scandalous Rake
Ned's calm and sunny surface hides a secret--and more than a few frustrations. Like many Regency hunks what makes him most interesting is what seethes beneath the surface. All those swirling undercurrents might lend him an air of fascination and mystery, but it takes the right woman to show him how to confront his troubles and become the man he's meant to be.
Perhaps in that way he resembles Christian Bale, who portrays a man with conflicted emotions so well!
Drew Bassington is the Wicked Lord in Charlotte and the Wicked Lord
Drew was never really "wicked," but like any good Regency hunk, as a young man he enjoyed a good time and rarely thought of the consequences, partying around London with his friends the Manning brothers. Then his older brother, always the "responsible" one, died, leaving a young widow, a toddler son, and a grieving mother. Drew had to take care of them, to live up to his family responsibilities, and he had to learn in a hurry what "honor and duty" really mean. Including finding a proper wife even though his heart has always yearned for the beautiful, free-spirited Charlotte Fitzmanning--and hers for him...Drew is an Orlando Bloom-type, in Pirates of the Caribbean or Kingdom of Heaven--a young man finding his true place in the world, and finding love in unexpected places and against all odds!

Who is your favorite Regency hunk and why?

Diane Gaston, Deb Marlowe, and Amanda McCabe love their Regency Hunks. Luckily the Fitzmanning Miscellany includes three sons – all Regency Hunks, and each with a book of his own. Coming soon.


  1. I love a good Regency hunk!

    Let's see
    Hugh Jackman looked v good in breeches.
    James Purefoy ditto.
    Then there is Tooby Stephens -- okay, Jane Eyre was early Victorian but he still managed to look good.

  2. How can anyone answer anything other than Mr Darcy?!

  3. Impossible! No way I could narrow the list down to just 1. I secretly fall in love with them all.

  4. I hope we don't have to narrow down the list to one! My lists are a mile long--both in fiction and movies.

    My latest fave fictional hunk (other than my own--I'm always a little in love with my latest hero!) is Liz Carlyle's Tristan from Tempted All Night.

    And beyond Mr. Darcy--sigh--I think that Ioan Gruffudd is always exceeding lovely in breeches and boots!

  5. Yay on the continuity! Wanted to hear more about the rest of the crew :)

  6. Hands down, no contest ... Ismail Delvina from "Captives of the Night" by Loretta Chase. Mmmmm ...

  7. Hands down, no contest ... Ismail Delvina from "Captives of the Night" by Loretta Chase. Mmmmm ...