Monday, May 04, 2009

Male on Monday: James Marsden

Medical Author Fiona Lowe talks about James Marsden, a Male on Monday to enchant your hearts.
I’ve been a PHS ‘Male on Monday’ devotee for a long time. I love being able to pop over knowing talented women who get out more than me will have put up a picture of a bloke who might just be inspiration for a hero. But I’ve never thought I would ever actually be given a Monday slot. Truth be told, the idea scared me silly. See, I’m pretty hopeless on popular culture, I don’t watch much TV and I have a terrible habit of re-watching favorite films and re-reading favorite books which leaves me in a lovely but limited world ;-) Many of my hero collage pictures are pulled from menswear catalogues and to quote Jane from Coupling, “ooh is he knitting pattern handsome?’

When I looked at the calendar and saw May 4th was a Monday I got chest pain! Then I thought about my Harlequin Medical Romance author mate, Emily Forbes, and I remembered last year she’d sent me a picture of a guy with a smile to die for. So, I rummaged through the files and found him. THANK YOU, EMILY, and without further ado, I’d like to introduce, James Marsden….or Jimmy as his mates call him.

Who is he? Well, thanks to Wikipedia and IMDH I know LOTS about the gorgeous Jimmy. Born September 1973, he’s American, and grew up in Oklahoma. After a year of studying ‘Broadcast Journalism’ he left college to pursue his acting career. His first job was on The Nanny as Margaret Sheffield’s boyfriend. It seems I would have seen him in season five of Ally McBeal (in the days before I had kids and I got to watch TV) and it was in his role as Glenn Foy that he proved that not only could he act but he could belt out a tune. A CD was pressedJ

He went on to play Lon Hammond Jr in The Notebook, and Cyclops in X-Men, starring with a PHS favourite, Hugh Jackman. Apparently he had to wear lifts as he’s 5’10”, well shy of the 6’3”required by the character.

The first time I recall ever seeing him was in Hairspray (those of you who read my blog know of my younger son’s affection for a musical so of course I’d seen that film) where he played Corny Collins and he sang two songs, ‘The Nicest Kids in Town’ and ‘Hairspray.’ Then I ran into him in Disney’s Enchanted (he was the foppish singing Prince Edward, but he still made me smile)
and then in 27 Dresses where he starred with Katherine Heigl from Grey’s Anatomy. I watched that film on DVD last year with a group of women ranging from 60 down to 12, and we all agreed, Jimmy was gorgeous!

PHS editor, Donna, will be excited to hear that James is a huge fan of the Canadian band, Simple Plan. He’s modeled for Versace and GAP and he’s married to Lisa Linde and has two children. He’s still busy making movies so expect to see him on the big screen in The Box, starring with Cameron Diaz.

As an actor I reckon he’s an all-rounder ….comedy, action, serious and he can SING!

Anyone who has read my books knows that my heroes often have dimples. Why? I’m a sucker for a man with a bone-melting smile. As you can see, James fits the bill very nicely indeed.

Callum Halroyd is the dark-haired smiling hero in Fiona’s latest release, The Surgeon’s Special Delivery which is out in the UK this month and available online in Australia in May and on shelf in June. To read an excerpt and to see pictures that inspired the book visit Fiona at her website.


  1. Hi Fiona!
    I loved "Jimmy" in 27 Dresses. That's the first time I really thought of him as hero material. Loved him in Enchanted, but he was a caricature in Enchanted. Loved that movie!
    I'm with you on dimples for heroes. DEFINITELY!
    Thanks for a fun blog.
    Hello to Pink Heart Society!

  2. Fiona, you've given me someone new to look out for at the movies. Terrific!

    Looking forward too to your latest book.


  3. Hi Fiona

    Thanks for that great rundown on James Marsden. He's got a lovely smile, hasn't he! I must confess he was a bit overshadowed in X-men - how was I supposed to take any notice of anyone other than the gorgeous, brooding Hugh! LOL

    I'll have to look out for those other movies you've mentioned.


  4. Hi Fiona,
    James Marsden has 2 kids? He looks like he's not a day over 20!!!
    Tres cute. Dimples, yep, they do it for me.

  5. HI,
    My last post got eaten!
    Janet, yes I did enjoy 27 dresses but I love his voice so enjoyed him in Hairspray and Enchanted even though he was the fop.

    Glad to help out Annie ;-)

    I agree, Amy, he has 'boyish' charm for sure and Sharon, you will just have to catch up with him out of Hugh's shadow :-)

  6. I LOVED Enchanted and was captivated by his voice, but I found he really stood out in Hairspray (Zac Efron looks ordinary in comparison, if you ask me).

    And I agree, he's a little (well, alot!!) overshadowed by Hugh *swoon* Jackman in X-Men. In fact, I'm not much of a Cyclops fan.

    Can you imagine if Hugh and James sang something together in a musical? Wow, I'd pay to see that!

    Now that I think about it, it's like there's Zac Efron for the teenagers, James Marsden for the slightly older crowd, and Hugh Jackman for... well, everyone, really! Grrr. Lol.

  7. Hi Fiona,
    I'm with Amy on this - he looks too young to have two kids! I went back and double-checked his birth date because he looks younger than his 35 years! I also agree with Monique on the subjects of Zac, James and Hugh :)) Having just seen Wolverine, I'm on a Hugh high!!

    Hi everyone!!!

  8. Yes, I agree he can sing and his voice does have a certain quality. Thanks Fiona for bringing him up on the radar.

  9. Ooh, yes, that is one man who does have a smile to die for.

    Thanks, Fiona!

  10. You're welcome, Michelle! Thanks for making him look good on the blog and congrats on being a PHS Editor :-)

  11. HI, Michelle D,
    Lovely to see you here and thanks for calling by.

  12. Nice choice.
    Thanks for sharing Fiona!

  13. OMG Fiona. That clip is fab. I LOVE how he's "Jimmy" and in jeans and a baseball hat. And then he opens his mouth and does this campy fun stuff...I was just SOLD. So everyday and extraordinary rolled into one!

    And Simple Plan is AWESOME. My daughter agrees.

  14. I fell in love with Jimmy in my early teens when I saw him in "Second Noah".
    He's still cute.

  15. Donna, so glad you enjoyed the clip, the man can sing! And glad you enjoyed the Canadian reference I put in just for you ! Thanks for your help in getting me sorted out for Male on Monday, it's been great fun!

  16. Ohh, Carolin, might have to track that down

  17. Ooh, more films I must track down! Haven't seen 27 Dresses or Hairspray (yeah, I know, I'm behind) but my littlest LOVES musicals, so we got this the second it came out.

    And that clip was great. When he was talking about Mario Lanza, it reminded me of my mum - she adored his voice and she would've loved this film. (Would've come with me and littlest to all the musicals, too. And sung in the car with us. If only.)

  18. James Marsden is a great actor and very talented as singer as well! I love him!