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Writer's Wednesday - So What's New?

So What's New?

Silhouette Desire author Tessa Radley revisits what's changed in her writing life…

Way back in October 2007 I blogged over at PHS on Writer's Wednesday and it was interesting to skim through that blog and see what's changed (and what hasn't) in the past 18 months.

1. Hands down the most important thing that has changed is that my wonderful writing mate Sandra Hyatt sold to Desire. Wooohooo!!! Sandra's first book Having the Billionaire's Baby comes out this July. And to make it even more memorable, I was sharing a hotel room with Sandra at RWA's San Francisco conference when she got The Call. Let's just say it was sooooh MUCH easier to scream with excitement when it wasn't my call!! Rachel Bailey also sold to Desire—her book comes out next year. AND the fabulous Kate Carlisle was picked up by Desire, too. Kate's first book, a single title mystery Homicide in Hardcover hit the New York Times bestseller list earlier this year—how cool is that?

2. So what's stayed the same? Hmm…well, I still read my Writer's Mantra every morning:

Believe in yourself.
Free your mind.
Set attainable goals.
Write something everyday.
Love what you do.

It's on a fridge magnet that lives on my computer and was given to me years ago by RWA's From the Heart Chapter.

3. I still find it hard to believe that I actually make my living writing!

4. And it's heartening to know that young people are reading, that we're not writing books for a shrinking market. Eighteen months ago every kid I knew had read Harry Potter—most I spoke to had read several books in the series, now that same enthusiastic passion has been funneled into Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series. It's wonderful to see teens devouring books!

5. Research has become the ultimate procrastination for me—and my new (extravagant!) indulgence. Especially researching settings. I LOVE LOVE LOVE visiting places where I intend to set a book. It's fantastic that I can combine what I do with my passion for travel.

6. I'm still the world's worst multi-tasker. Nothing has changed there. I'm writing a first draft of a new book right now and proofs just came in on my August book, The Billion-Dollar Baby Bargain. EEEEEEEK…I can only do one thing at a time!

7. Of course I still love chocolate. And with Easter around the corner I'm hoping that the Lindt bunny will come hopping along. My kids love doing an Easter egg hunt…even though they're older now…they still keen on sticking to the traditions we created when they were little. Do you have Easter rituals that you've been doing for years? I love hearing about special rituals there's such a strong sense of family and community about them.

8. All that sitting at the computer (and the chocolate obsession can't help) is diabolical…I don't do enough exercise and I've picked up far too much weight, now I'm doing my best to lose it. It's hellishly hard. All advice appreciated…!

9. And, yes, I still think in trilogies—kind of. One idea leads to another and so often the secondary characters in one story cry out for their own romance. BUT I have to admit that is starting to evolve…I'm starting to find that a fourth book creeps in. When I wrote The Saxon Brides it was supposed to be about 3 brothers: Richard, Joshua and Heath. Then Richard got himself killed in the first chapter of the first book. Gulp. But another hero arrived to the rescue—Rafaelo, the illegitimate eldest brother. And a younger sister, Megan, emerged. She was a whole lot of fun to write, and reader requests meant that I had to give Megan her own hero—Sheik Shafir Al Dhahara. The Untamed Sheik is an April 2009 release from Silhouette Desire.

10. It's really great to find that amidst the present economic doom and gloom some other things in my writing life haven't changed. The Pink Heart Society is still here. Thanks Jenna and Donna for all your hard work in putting it all together.

Big cheers to the Pink Ladies of the Pink Hearts Society!!

A wonderful Easter and Happy Reading to all!

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