Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Writer's Wednesday - THE BIG R

I think the title kind of gives it away... the book that I had at Richmond came back with a BIG FAT R!! And it was a big fat R, I was lucky enough to get some great feedback about why it worked and why it didn't work. The editor has obviously read the whole thing even when it was obvious that it wasn't going to work for which I am eternally grateful.
And so the waiting is over. The verdict is in *sigh*
To cut a long story short my hero just didn't work. Which I can't say I am that surprised about because I had such a tough time with him I'm sure it showed. They loved the heroine though, thought I'd done a pukka job with her. There were some comments on was I writing for the right line. My voice seems to be Modern Heat but my stories are more Romance... hmmm and guess which are my two favourite lines? Yup... Modern Heat and Romance. Obviously all those Liz Fieldings I read are seeping in.

Overall I seemed to want to write more about my heroine's journey than the relationship... which in the case of this story is probably true. Not that Jack wasn't gorgeous!! I just was more invested in Zoe. I already think I could take Zoe from the book and give her a different story maybe for a different publisher.

All in all lots to mull over and think about whilst I finish 'Bah Humbug'.

I sound all calm and resigned don't I? Ha! You should have seen me the moment I got the email! It arrived at lunchtime on a Monday. I was at work. As soon as I saw who the email was from I just knew. So I opened it and skipped to the end. They didn't want it. Yup there were tears. I will admit that was some bottom lip wobble and some stomping and stropping.
I called a friend and sent her the email... which was when I was told what a FRICKIN' EXCELLENT REJECTION it was. People would kill for this sort of rejection. Huh. Who knew.

And then strangely enough I felt relief... NOW I KNEW!!! Curiously liberating!

And I have discovered something very interesting about myself... rejection makes me come out fighting. I AM SOOOO GOING TO DO THIS!!!


If you hit a bump in the road, what do you do?

Biddy is currently lazing around her sister's apartment in San Francisco between trips to Sonoma to taste wine and do "research" on potential stories. Honest. She will be back in the saddle soon...


  1. Awww, big {{{{{HUGS}}}} on the R, Biddy!! Glad it was FRICKIN' EXCELLENT but an R is an R and they suck!

    But you did wrote the book and submitted it and that is an amazing feat that many speak of, but few accomplish...I'm so proud of you!!

    Enjoy your visit to the U.S. and drink lots of wine...can't wait to see you come out swinging again!

  2. I am sooo with you on the going to do this trip! At least you've submitted a full manuscript! There are many of us out there who are still tottering on the edge - not quite sure whether we have the guts to go through with submitting!

    You go girl! With that attitude you will get there for sure.

  3. Love your attitude, Biddy. You ARE going to do this.

    I'm still waiting on hearing about my ms. I figure if it's the big R this time, then next time I'm going to NAIL it. There will be no giving up here. :-)

  4. It sounds like you are getting very close. Press on!

  5. A good rejection still hurts, but it's all that meat you get with it that will help beef up your next story...

    Sorry, my meat analogy got a little carried away (I promise I won't mention beefcake).

    Have a great time in Frisco and do lots and lots of research (particularly of the alpha hero variety!) and remember you've just take another huge step closer to your goal... Not just because of your meaty rejection, but because of your attitude to it.

    Way to go Biddy.

  6. Christyne - thanks!! I'm refilling the well (and the wine glass). I'm already dipping my toe in.

    Amanda - thank you fellow traveller!! Get that manuscript out there!! I find chocolate and wine (and pictures of Hugh Jackman) help you get the book ouut there.

    Jackie - NO!! I refuse to listen to that kind of talk. The reason you haven't heard is because it is with the powers that be trying to work out your contract!

    Anon and Carol - thanks and I'm off the canvas and swinging.

    Ahhh another lazy day in SF. I think the gym and then some writing!


  7. Heidi - Thanks for all your support and the meat analogy!

    I am doing tonnes of research but more of the grape variety!


  8. Biddy, Indeed a lot of people would kill for a 'rejection' like that. Which of course doesn't make you feel any better when you're on the receiving end of it. But what they are saying, in effect, is that their lines are so narrow that you don't fit into their preconceived notion of what a "romance" or a "modern heat" is -- and not that you don't write good stuff. Consider it the fault of the lines! Maybe you can tweak it to fit somewhere. Or maybe you'd rather not, but just go for something else. But just know you're a really good writer and you'll find a home for your books somewhere. Honest.

  9. Anne - thanks for your comments. All this support is wonderful and takes the sting out of the R.

  10. Thank you for sharing your story. Keep going! You've inspired me to submit, something I've been chicken about for a while.
    The answer is always no if you don't ask, right?

  11. Jill - I'm so glad I've inspired you! And you are so right, the answer is no if you don't ask.. so get out there! It is scary but you learn so much about yourself just doing that. Many people talk about writing, some people actually sit down and write, a few finish those manuscripts and then there are the fearless few that submit!!! Anything after that is just the cherry on the top.


  12. Hi Biddy,
    Am so sorry to hear your manuscript was rejected. Anne (M) is right though, it could be that your story doesn't fit that particular line. But do keep going, it is all practice, and once you get a bit of distance from this particular submission you never know, you might have inspiration as to how to use elements of the story elsewhere. Doesn't make it easy now though.
    Best wishes

  13. Hugs, Biddy! I always get more caught up with my heroines too, and then have to dig deep, deep, deep into my heroes during revisions. You can do it, though! Just don't come swinging at me with one of those right hooks....

  14. Go, Biddy!

    I had a rejection 20... yes, 20 years ago, when I was nowt but a sprog, from Tessa Shapcott, no less.

    It was so detailed I thought - Well, there you go, I've got so much wrong I might as well give up now.

    Penny Jordan changed my mind about that in 1998 and it still took me four years to get the story right and my manuscript accepted.

    All the very best with all your writing.