Saturday, April 11, 2009

Wildcard Weekend with Linda Style!

Please welcome Linda Style to the PHS with her Wildcard Weekend post!

I’ve always been amazed at how different writers can come up with uncannily similar story ideas pretty much at the same time. It’s easy to understand when something similar has made the news or has been publicized in some way or another, but when a story idea is but a kernel of thought that needs to be explored and nurtured, twisted and turned to make it into a story that’s unique and different, and then several stories pop up just like it, I have to wonder how that happens.

It’s like some high-tech homing device has been implanted in our brains forcing us to lock into the same wavelength, our imaginations begin to churn, and eventually we begin to write. Then, maybe halfway through the story, or even after our book is published, we discover there are ten other books, movies or television shows with similar stories and themes. This has happened to me more than once, but the most recent is the story I came up with for my April book, THE MISTAKE SHE MADE.

It all started with a brainstorming session with some writer friends. Usually when I come up against a wall in my writing, I tough it out and do all the things that are supposed to spark my imagination. When all else fails, I take the next step – brainstorming with some of my close writer friends. It was during one of these sessions that the idea for this particular story was born. But it was just a kernel of an idea that I explored, twisted and turned and finally came up with a proposal that my editor bought …well over a year ago.

Imagine my shock when, two weeks ago, I turned on the television and saw a woman talking about her nonfiction book, just out, that involved a real life story almost exactly like mine. She’d wrongly identified a man as her rapist, he went to jail…and ten years later he’d been released after DNA proved him innocent. The two people involved had found it within themselves to somehow forgive and form a bond, enough so that together, they had written a nonfiction book about it.

There are differences, of course, because the two people in my book fall in love and that was the truly difficult part of writing the book. How could I ever get two people who’ve gone through such a tragic, life changing event? I didn’t know until the end if it was possible or not, or if anyone would believe it could happen. But now I’m convinced that it could. If it exists in a writer’s mind, it can happen. As they say, truth really is stranger than fiction.

If he remembers, he’ll never let her forget

Time heals all wounds—Tori Amhearst knows this firsthand. Ever since that awful event all those years ago, she’s made the most of her life, her career. But the moment she discovers that the man she put behind bars is innocent, she knows she has to make it right. And how could she not? Thanks to her, Lincoln Crusoe has nothing. Not even his memory.

Now, memory controls both of their lives. Tori can’t forget and Lincoln can’t remember. While she knows she’s got to tell him the truth, every part of her resists. She never expected to love him and doesn’t want to lose him. Because the truth won’t set her free, it’ll just send him running.

Linda's current release is The Mistake She Made. You can catch up with Linda on her website at


  1. Sounds like a book I'd like to read. Have a great holiday.

  2. Linda, goodness, what a coincidence about your book and the non fiction one! Amazing.


  3. Hi Linda your book sounds great I'll be getting it I love the super romances.