Thursday, April 16, 2009

Soundtrack Thursday - Yanni Voices

A new book means a new soundtrack, and while I'm also popping out later for the new Il Divo cd (which I had a wee listen to yesterday and now want the whole thing), I also managed to get a copy of a new CD, Yanni Voices.
"Discovery" of new artists seems to be a going thing these days and Yanni's jumped on the bandwagon. Actually, after seeing the youtube vid with the preview, the first thing my husband said was, He's cut his hair. That made me laugh.
The CD itself has tons of tracks and a huge range of sounds. Yanni's "voices" consist of:

Nathan Pacheco. You can catch his individual page on Yanni's site HERE. Personally, there are times when he sings that he reminds me of Urs Beuhler of Il Divo - especially in the beginning bars of Vivi il tuo sogno. Only I think Nathan might be even better. This guy has control that is fantastic. I listen and wonder exactly where all the power - and AIR! - is coming from.

Leslie Mills. What I like about Leslie is that her voice has a richness and yet a sweetness that reaches in and grabs you. I find her song, Before The Night Ends, running through my mind when I'm not even listening.

Leslie's page is HERE.

Next up is Ender Thomas...he talks about Desire being a "sexy song"...well Ender brings the sexy to it. Hearts will go pitter patter...

He does lots of Latino flavoured stuff on the album and better than other singers I've heard . You can read his bio and see his interview etc. HERE.

And finally- Chloe. Her page is here and she's a real go getter. And so versatile it's sickening. At the beginning of Kill Me With Your Love, the first person I thought of was Dido. And I was blown away by Mi Todo Eres Tu that she sings with Ender.

There's a range of everything on here - from soaring operatic selections, to sexy latino songs, to weeping ballads, and even a Groban-esque upbeat Set Me Free. Add in some eastern influence and modal play in Orchid and Our Days and you have a diverse, well rounded album with lots to choose from.

Appropriately, I think, the album ends with a gorgeously rich Amare di Nuovo (Adagio in C Minor) by Nathan Pacheco - a song that will be going on my current playlist for the new book. The true magic begins at 2:27 - the first time I heard this segment my jaw hit the floor.
Have a listen - I bet you'll be captivated too.

Donna's next release is HIRED: THE ITALIAN'S BRIDE - available in a few short weeks on eharlequin and the Mills and Boon sites.


  1. My ex-boss from Princess Cruises would love you.....he was such a Yanni fan.

  2. I'm going to have to get this album, and I can see what you mean about that being captivating...