Monday, April 27, 2009

Male On Monday -- COWBOYS!

This week Harlequin Romance's Myrna Mackenzie is here at The Pink Heart Society to talk about a hero for all seasons -- the cowboy!

It's All About the Cowboy?

You know what I'm talking about. They're the stuff of legends, a piece of Americana. Volumes have been written about them. We've worried about their possible demise, the changes that progress has brought to their land and their lives. Yet, they persist. And we continue to be fascinated by them.

I'm talking about cowboys, of course, because…there's just something about a cowboy that draws us to them. I've fought it (after all, how often will I, a city girl ever get to meet the real deal)? But…I'm losing the battle. My obsession lives on. I want one. A cowboy, I mean. (Just for pretend, of course. I do love my husband. No worries, honey. This thing about the cowboy is just for fun, of course).

So, what is it about cowboys that…um…drives city girls (and country girls, and girls of all ages and stages) wild?

I'm working on figuring that one out. I think…maybe it's the horse. Or, no…the chaps.

Or the saddle and spurs. The lariat.

Could be the hat. Or the denim. The cool trucks they drive.

Wait a second! Maybe it's the way a cowboy walks…or spends so much time riding through the vast reaches of the range (thinking of cowgirls, of course. Or other important stuff).

It might be his independent spirit or even the fact that he often seems to be a dying breed. Or it might be the land where he lives. (Yum! Mountains, ranches, ranges, cactus…big, beautiful open spaces with room to think and breathe).

We see him as a man of few words, a loner, a man unto himself…with a code of honor that can't be broken and a loyalty to friends and family.

Maybe our fascination with the cowboy is the way he fills up the horizon, or the way he so often is pictured riding into the sunset alone. Can any woman resist a man riding into the sunset alone? (Sigh).

Of course…it could be all of those things…or none. It doesn't matter. Men and women alike are drawn to these rugged men, and so the lure of the cowboy lives on. Yes! Cowboys rule!

Myrna’s latest Harlequin Romance, The Cowboy And The Princess , is an April release. (4 stars, Romantic Times, natch!) You can visit Myrna (and enter her current contest) at her website .

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