Saturday, March 21, 2009

Wild Card Weekend -- SPRING!!

Harlequin American author Ann Roth joins us to talk about something that's been on all our minds this Winter...the persistence of Spring, and romance heroes and heroines!!

Spring is here no matter what! (In other words, don’t ever give up)

Here in Seattle, it’s been cold, with temperatures dipping to the mid-twenties at night. That isn’t stopping the crocus and tulip shoots from popping out of the ground, or the weeds from sprouting. These plants have no idea how to give up.

Which got me thinking… What does it take to stop you? I’ll state flat out that I’m no quitter. Unless I didn’t care in the first place, I won’t give up. (Yes, my office is messier than I like, and yeah, those five extra pounds should come off, but if these things really mattered to me, I’d take care of both post haste.) Persistence and tenacity helped me break into publishing–I listened to the experts, honed my craft and simply refused to let those rejections stop me.

Lily Gleason, the heroine in Ooh Baby! my March Harlequin American, doesn’t know how to give up, either. Not even when her sister leaves her with her seven-month-old niece right before the start of the very busy tourist season. If that’s not enough. Lily also receives a letter from the IRS, informing her that she’ll soon be audited. Talk about a pile on one woman’s plate!

Enter CPA Carter Boyle. From the first moment Lily and Carter meet when she hires him to help with they audit, they… Wait just a minute. You think I’m gong to tell you what happens here? Uh-uh. As much as I love their story (and I had so much fun writing it)!, I’d rather you read the book. By the way, Ooh Baby! is the third of four novels set on fictitious Halo Island.

Do you have an I’m-not-giving-up story to share? If so, I’d love to hear it.

Thanks for inviting me to guest-blog, and wishing you an I-won’t-quit attitude and the success that will surely follow,

Ooh Baby! is a March RT Top Pick!

Exciting news–I recently learned that I’m a double finalist in the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence contest! The books that finaled are The Pilot's Woman, the second book in the Halo Island series, and My Sisters, a women’s fiction novel released in November, 2008.


  1. I have a I'm-not-giving-up-story that has to do with a college course.
    My freshman year at college I signed up to take a physics course. There were three girls in the class. (By the way this was back in the early 60s) The first day in class the prof told us that there is no way a girl is going to pass his class no matter what. Well that was a challenge to me and one of the other girls and we were determined to stick it out. The prof made our life almost unbearable but we persisted. In the end he had to give us a passing grade (barely) because we earned it.

  2. Ellen- How proud you must have been! Roses to you and the other women who proved that bozo sexist wrong! Let's hope he learned his lesson, big time.
    Ann,who really does adore men... but this one clearly needed his!