Saturday, March 28, 2009

Wild Card Weekend - Second Chances

This Wild Card Weekend, welcome to Dana Marton with her blog on second chances....

I’ve been always fascinated by the concept of second-chances. I find the fact that no matter how badly we mess up, we can always try again, very encouraging. I’ve written a number of novels that explore this thought. Desert Ice Daddy is one of them. Akeem Abdul is the grandson of a powerful sheik, but he grew up in poverty in Texas because his mother had to flee her native land to stay alive. Now, thirty some years later, Akeem and his friends built empires and he’s called the Texas sheik, a billionaire in his own right.

He’s tough and relentless, the consummate businessman. Over the years there was only one thing he denied himself--the woman he loved. Taylor McKade is his best friend’s little sister, firmly off limits as far as Akeem was concerned, no matter how torn up he was when Taylor married another man and moved away.

But now Taylor is back with her son, having left her abusive, drunkard husband. When her son is kidnapped and it seems he’d been taken into a remote Texas desert called Hell’s Porch, Akeem is the only one who can help her track the boy. Fighting the heat, wild animals and the kidnappers, he swears that if he can save them all, he’ll never let Taylor and her son go again.

Since Akeem and Taylor had been in love with each other forever, there was an emotional intensity and passion between them that was a lot of fun to write. Akeem got his second chance and he doesn’t waste it. How about you? Any major decision you regret in the past? Anything you’d like to do over given the chance?

Dana Marton
Desert Ice Daddy is part of Harlequin’s 60 Anniversary Celebration

Billionaires. Bachelors. But that’s all about to change…

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  1. Dana, enjoyed reading your post, especially as I am toying with the idea of a second-chance story myself for my next ms.

    Haven't done one of those yet and now I'm doubly intrigued.