Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Travel Tuesday - Je ne sais quoi

A huge PHS welcome back to Vivi Anna, with a little insight into the latest setting for her brand-new Nocturne!

I love when a book is set in Europe. I don’t know what it is about European settings and in essence the people that draws me in. It has that…je ne sais quoi type of sensation. The thing I can’t put my finger on.

I’ve been to Germany and Austria and the Netherlands. I loved it there. I could wax poetic about the way I felt when roaming the cobblestone streets or touring the spectacular cathedrals and castles. But no one wants to hear my poetry…trust me. I long for the day that I can go back to those places, and add more to my touring schedule…places like France. I really want to travel through France. My sister lived there in a tiny village for a few months and I envy all the stories she has about her time there and the pictures of all the quaint towns and people she met along the way.

I long to see Paris, and Marseille, and Nice, and Lyon, and Nouveau Monde. Say what? Nouveau Monde? Yes, that’s right. It’s that picturesque city where the Otherworlder community has congregated. Vampires and lycans and witches, and even humans live in relative peace and harmony in the beautiful progressive city. It has much of the same look and feel of Lyon, with a long and wide river winding its way through the bustle of the city. You should go there. It’s gorgeous. Just watch out for the nightlife…they just might bite.

Nouveau Monde is the city in France that I constructed for my new book THE VAMPIRE’S QUEST. In this book, my hero Kellen Falcon, travels from the secret city of Necropolis in Texas to the much loved and known Nouveau Monde. He’s searching for a cure for the rare vampiric blood disease Sangcerritus that he’s just happened to contract. But there in the enthralling city of Nouveau Monde he finds so much more. Like fiery red-headed Sophie St. Clair, a spit-fire of a woman and a fierce lycan. He faces the toughest battle of his life there, both for his life and for his heart.

Romantic Times magazine says “This is a fantastic supernatural thriller from start to finish. Anna takes two supernatural beings and makes us believe the romance and attraction between them are real.” And they gave it a TOP PICK for April.

What kind of settings do you love? Europe? Asia? Good old America? What kind of settings do you long for?

Vivi's latest is The Vampire's Quest - available this month on eharlequin and everywhere else Nocturnes are sold in April.

She's got a copy for a random commenter today!!!!!!!!!


  1. Vivi;

    The Vampire's Quest arrived in the mail today. After your promo I can't wait to read it. I have enjoyed the rest of the Valorian Chronicles so far and look forward to others hopefully in the future. Thank you

  2. Oooh I love the sound of this! Never read a Nocturne before - not even sure if we can get them here in South Africa!

    I agree - I also love to travel to places that are full of history! It just makes you feel connected to the universe as a whole and takes you away from that is this all there is!

  3. Ooh, Vivi, I love love love European settings. That sense of history and tradition - it makes anything seem possible.

    But, I love outback settings too. Any chance of setting a Nocturne in the Australian outback? :-)

  4. Hi Vivi:

    My favorite location for a story is Venice. I have been there many times and love it. My vampire WIP has a heroine dying of a rare blood disease making the grand tour of Europe before she dies. She goes to all the big attractions and she attracts vampires where ever she goes. This way I can give the reader a tour of Europe and relive the experiences again myself. Keep your photos. Perhaps your novel’s eBook will get enhanced with photos! I have to go now and read your book.


  5. Linda - I hope you love the book, Kellen was FUN to write.

    Amanda - I don't know if South African bookstores carry the Nocturnes. Do they carry any of the Harlequin lines? You should ask your stores.

    Michelle - Oooo, now you've got my brain a ticking. Hmm, an outback Nocturne...

    Vince - your book sounds great, good luck with it!!

  6. Oh vivi I think you could have fun with the mystical aboriginal angle...