Friday, March 27, 2009

Must Watch Friday - TiVO with Kay Stockham

So, when I signed up to blog here at PHS, I was given the theme of Must Watch Friday. The thing is? Everything I watch is via TiVo. Yes, I HEART TiVo. You see, in my family, the television is generally off limits to me. Why? Because I like movies, mainly those considered chick flicks, and shows where I can’t feel my IQ lowering. Yes, I’m the boring MOM.

Which is why for Must Watch Friday I’ve decided to post a list of my favorite TiVo listings. Here they are in no particular order:

Sex in the City. Carrie Bradshaw and her romps through NYC aren’t new by any means but they’re new to me. When Carrie debuted, I was a tired, worn out mom of two under two who could’ve cared less about Carrie and her friends. Yes, I have a lot of Sex to catch up on. Jerry’s character definitely helps ease the process.

The Biggest Loser. Gotta tell you, not a whole lot of sexiness going on here BUT I absolutely love the show. Talk about inspiring! I love the trainer tips, learning the different methods of working out but wish they’d show more in the general area of healthy cooking.

American Idol. There are some hot prospects on American Idol this year. I love to watch the early shows, pick my faves and see how they do. Right now there is a sixteen year old red head by the name of Allison Iraheta I just know will be the winner. She rocks!

Crusoe. Anyone watching this? Some shows are better than others but I find myself watching every week regardless. Might have something to do with this guy.

House. The man’s got it going on. How anyone can watch an episode and not be hooked is beyond me.

Two and a Half Men. This show has awesome one-liners. When I need comedic relief? This is the one. Love the orneriness of it, the comedy and the just plain fun of it. Charlie Sheen isn’t bad either.

Grey’s Anatomy. There are so many hunks on this show I don’t know where to begin. Patrick Dempsey is a given. The man is gorgeous, sensitive and all around loveable. Then there is Eric Dane who plays Dr. McSteamy (hot, hot, hot!) and a new favorite? Kevin McKidd. He’s the new guy at Grey’s and I positively LOVE the chemistry between him and Sandra Oh’s character. HOT!

And last but not least, LOST. Again, way too many hunks that keep me watching no matter what. Yeah, the story line is good, too, but let’s face it—seeing this guy every week? Sawyer is just too yummy. Toss in Jack and the rest of them and, well, I can see why so many people wouldn’t mind being on that island—monsters, Others and all.

So those are my TiVo faves. What are your favorite, can’t-do-without shows? Am I missing shows I need to TiVo? I’ll chose a winner from those who post and they can choose between Another Man's Baby or His Son's Teacher, books one and two of my Tulanes of Tennessee series.

Kay Stockham’s third book in her Tulanes of Tennessee series is titled Her Best Friend's Brother and will be on shelves March 10. Her Best Friend's Brother was given 4.5 stars by RT and chosen as an RT Top Pick. For more information on the series, Kay’s backlist, contests and more, please visit her at


  1. With you all the way on Two and a Half Men. The one-liners are fantastic.

    I also like Everybody Loves Raymond (especially the earlier series) for the same reason, though I think TAAHM is a bit sharper.

    And House. Fantastic!

    Not sure if you get any of the UK shows over there, but Life on Mars was fantastic. (Very British, though!) Clever writing. And any of the Dr Whos written by Steven Moffatt.

  2. Kay, I have the same problems with TV that you have. The dh does not do "chick" anything. Or "feel good"! He likes westerns and sport...

    My regulars include Secret Millionaire, Country House Rescue and movies. I finally saw Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe this week thanks to modern technology. Fabulous, fabulous. And the No 1 Ladies Detective Agency (clashes with Lewis).

    Clearly i need to seek out Two and a Half Men.

  3. Hi Kay

    Definitely with you on Lost (based my first ever hero on Sawyer so he has a special place in my heart). Have just discovered Grey's Anatomy and am getting very hot under the collar about Dr McDreamy (that guy is seriously sexy!).

    Have to admit I find Sex and the City a bit irritating (maybe it's just that I'm not a shoe fetishist!). And House a complete bore (sorry Kate!!) - I mean all the guy ever does is unravel weird medical conditions and shout at people.

    My top rated show at the moment is definitely The Wire - very hard and gritty and so realisitic it'll take you several episodes to figure out what everyone is saying but it's moving and complex and multi-layered in a way you just don't usually see on TV.

  4. Cold Case(because it's always delayed by some type of sports), Criminal Minds, NCIS, and Hell's Kitchen. NCIS is always on at the same time as American Idol and Criminal Minds is on at the same time as Hell's Kitchen, so we tape one or the other. Oh, and my dh likes Sarah Connor Chronicles on the Friday nights he goes out riding on his motorcycle.


  5. I like to watch House, Bones, Fringe, NCIS, all the CSI's Supernatural, Criminal Minds and Eleventh Hour.

  6. Hi Kay!
    My can't do withouts: in no particular order - Burn Notice, CSI - the Vegas one, Beast (yummy Travis Fimmel), NCIS - Mark Harmon!!, a new ABC show called Castle that's on Monday nights, The Closer, Life (quirky show on Wednesday) and I think that sums it up.

  7. Hi Kay - great blog. Like a lot of us the dh seems to dominate the tv in our house. Not too bad on sports thank goodness but he loves TCM! Morning noon and night and anything with John Wayne. Yikes! I like some tv - but in all honesty I love books! The more the merrier. But I do like some tv stuff. We've just got the new series of Fringe airing here in the uk at the moment so I am enjoying that. Love all the Prison Breaks as well as Hero's and Lost. (Do you detect a theme emerging here methinks!) Lots of luv. Caroline

  8. Don't forget Desperate Housewives! It's been one of my favourites since it started. Mike the plumber is smart, sensitive, hard-working, and...well...easy on the eyes.


  9. I'm with the rest of you about the family TV. ds loves his sports and dh the sci fi shows. The shows I like are way down the priority list, so I get to read (no hardship for me) but we have a PVR set up to satellite TV so try to record my favourites - Criminal Minds - I drool mostly over Shemar Moore and Thomas Gibson; NCIS - Aw Mark Harman!!; and CSI esp Miami - Do you see a theme here? Enjoy the post.



  10. Enjoyed your post, Kay.
    House is one of my favorites. I watch Idol too. One of my new favorites is The Mentalist. A few others I always watch are Monk and Psych. Oh, and I'm definitely with Jenna - Castle has me hooked.

    Cheryl S.

    Cheryl S.

  11. Hi, all,

    I am so, so sorry. I had a family emergency and wasn't able to post, nor send an email to Trish and the gals and let them know. My sincere apologies.

    The winner is Liz. Liz, please contact me with your shipping info and your choice of books.

    Ladies, again, my apologies. I'm so sorry but there was no avoiding it. These things happen, I guess, eh?