Friday, March 06, 2009

Must Watch Friday - Scrubs

This Friday Fiona Lowe visits to chat about one of her favourite shows - the very quirky SCRUBS!

Here ‘Down Under’ we’re usually a beat behind on US television series so I didn’t discover Scrubs until the summer of 2003 and I was instantly hooked. Perhaps it reminded me of watching the British comedy, Doctor In House when I was a kid. Over the last few years I’ve dragged in DH to watch it and now the boys have grown some and it’s become family viewing. Santa even brought series 6 and 7 on DVD for Christmas.

What’s not to like about Scrubs? With its off the wall comedy, great music as well as dealing with some real life issues, it just makes me smile, laugh and occasionally cry. As well as the zany stuff ….my boys love ‘Floating Head Doctor (Series 5) the writers have given the characters arcs. Perry started off as a lonely, bitter divorced alcoholic. He’s now a loving dad in a relationship that for most wouldn’t work but somehow allows him to thrive and keep his flaws mostly under control. Carla and Turk have found their way and even Dr Kelso has had moments where we peek past the administrator and see the man. For me, the most frustrating character is JD. My rational side says the writers are always leaving it open for JD and Elliot to get back together but the rest of me is screaming, ‘GROW UP NOW’.

My Musical (Series 6) is a family favorite. We’re not aghast at sitting down to watch the old Hollywood dancing and singing extravaganzas so we loved this episode and had fun working out which type of musical they’d drawn inspiration from for each song. Perry’s ‘Patter Song’ suited him perfectly because he is ‘a-always’ ranting in an extended monologue. And Guy Love…well check out the YouTube clip below!

It’s a bit embarrassing to be caught humming ‘Everything comes down to Poo’ in the supermarket but anyone who has been a hospital patient or worked in a hospital totally gets this song. Both boys put the soundtrack on their ipods!!

While writing this piece I discovered that since Series 5, we’ve been told Scrubs is in ‘its final season’ and yet I have just found out that Series 8 is being shown in the US right now. How excited am I? Very!

So if you haven’t caught up with Scrubs, try it today. The writing is tight, clever and they poke fun at anything and everything…nothing is sacred, which is probably why I enjoy it so much!

Fiona Lowe writes for Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance. Her current release, The Doctor Claims His Bride is out now in the UK and available online in Australia now and will be on shelf in April. She’s an avid fan of most TV Medical shows!


  1. Fiona;

    Just discovered this blog because Lynne Marshall blogged on Thursday and saw your blog note as well. I haven't always "gotten" Scrubs when I had opportunity to watch it. Will have to try again. Enjoy your books.


  2. Hi Fiona!
    that You Tube song on "guy Love" was too funny.

    I must confess I've never watched Scrubs, she said, ducking and guarding her face.

    Par for the course for me to "discover" something in it's final season! ha ha.

    Oh, and one last thing - GO HARLEQUIN MILLS AND BOON MEDICALS!!!!


  3. Linda, thanks for calling by and I'm so glad to hear you have enjoyed my books. Scrubs is pretty out there but that's what I love about it. Other US shows that have tweaked my Australian sense of humour have been Frasier, and way way back Northern Exposure.

  4. Lynne,
    if you enjoyed Guy Love see if you can find 'Everything comes down to Poo.' As a nurse you will totally get it.

    There is always humour in is the juxtaposition of tragedy

  5. Hi Fiona,
    I love your book cover. The hero and heroine look gorgeous!
    I am a great fan of medical shows but my husband hates them. He slaves over a hot abdomen all day so he figures he needs a break from all things surgical. I can't stand the sight of blood but I keep telling myself it's tomato sauce!

  6. Hi Fiona

    I haven't seen scrubs either but after reading your blog I will try to catch some! I loved Northern Exposure (especially the early episodes - all those fabulous odd-ball characters!)
    Eli Stone is a great series to watch on the quirky side too -- sorry a bit off topic but there is a doctor character in there!

    Looking forward to your new book!

  7. Lovely to see you here, Melanie! Working in the medical system it is amazing how many medicos love medical TV but of course some do not. I have a GP friend who reads all my books and the other Medical authors as recreation. Go figure! Perhaps because we can give HEAs when their job often deals with the grit

  8. Sharon, my mum keeps telling me about Eli Stone. I am hopeless on TV so thank goodness for DVDS...wonder if Eli Stone is available at the Video shop.....

  9. Fiona,
    I've only caught a few episodes of Scrubs and enjoyed those. I love the "nothing is sacred" philosophy they have. I'll have to look up the Poo song though!

  10. For people wanting to link to 'Everything comes down To Poo' go to


  11. I caught a bit of Scrubs last night actually but its on so bloody late!! I used to watch it more regularly when it was on earlier.

    I'm a Northern Exposure devotee as well. And I wont mention names but someone here has us hooked on The IT Show....very funny. And sorry, no, no docs either...

  12. Amy, That's why you watch TV on's then on at YOUR
    time :-) The IT Show is a hoot! But did they make more than two series? Must find that out....

  13. Here in Tasmania we're actually seeing Season 8 on TV very late at night, we're up to episode 7 which was shown in the US on Feb 10th this year!! I think last night's episodes were repeats. Love The Musical episode too, watch it A Lot!! The writing is great, the plots are choc full of emotion and the characters are fabulous!! I'll be sad when it ends, but at least this way, on the new network, it will have an ending.

  14. ACK!! That means I have missed it. I thought they were showing seven and I so rarely watch live TV I never read the guide. OK well, I'll help the US economy when they release the DVDs

  15. Fiona, I was a massive fan of Scrubs (I have series 1 and 2 on DVD) and used to watch it religiously.

    I don't watch it much anymore because it's on so late here in Aus, which is a shame because it's brilliant.

    I agree, JD needs to grow up, and Turk is still a bit of a child! Lol. Dr Cox is both interesting and annoying - you want to smack him, but he's just so brilliant!

    Great show (it'll be a cult classic for sure), shame about the timeslot.

  16. Will have to look out for this, Fi - I love medical dramas. (Yeah, yeah - Medical authors always say that, but it's brilliant stuff!) I'm a real Casualty addict; it went off the boil a bit last year and I stopped watching it, but they've got strong characterisation back again now so I'm hooked again :o) Also loved House.

    But on the comedy front, I'd recommend 'Two and a Half Men' (the one-liners are hilarious) and 'Everybody Loves Raymond'. Tight writing, great characterisation, great dialogue... (Hmm. Am I sure they're not Medicals? *g*)

  17. Oh wow Fiona Lowe how exciting. --- Hi Fiona I’m a fan I seek out your wonderful stories to read. --- I’ll confess to not being much of a TV person (now days). Would you believe I’ve never heard of Scrubs until just now, although I remember Dr in the House, Dr at Large, Dr in Charge, Dr at Sea, Dr on the Go, Dr Down Under and Dr at the Top series so I guess I’d enjoy Scrubs. --- On your recommendation I’ll find the TV, I believe there is one up the other end of the house, and hunt for scrubs. ---- Thank you for your lovingly warm stories. ----- Eric

  18. Monique, Most things I watch are on DVD these days and I love catching up on the sitcoms that way adds! Thanks for calling by

  19. Kate, my boys love Two and a Half Men and we used to watch 'Raymond' too. I must keep an eye out for Casualty. I love chats like this as I find out all sorts of things:-)

  20. Eric,
    Good to see you here and thanks for your kind words. I just have to say very LOUDLY that I was very much a CHILD ;-) when Doctor in the House was on and I'm sure it was a re-run LOL!

  21. I love Scrubs!! I think it is the funniest show on television, and the writers are amazing at switching from funny to touching/tragic on a dime. Great stuff. I do prefer the first two seasons, though.

  22. Hi Fiona,
    I can't say I watch scrubs, but I often listen to it. My boys are huge fans and it seems it's slotted several times a day on Foxtel. So I can say I've heard it a lot :) Love the music and, yes, I do stop and watch occasionally though have never seen a whole episode. The show has a huge teenage following for the comedy angle.

    And as you know I am a HUGE fan of your books :)))