Monday, March 16, 2009

Male On Monday!

The Pink Heart Society welcomes Presents and Medicals author Melanie Milburne for the first time! You can tell we like her...she fell into a coveted Male on Monday slot!

This is my first time at The Pink Heart Society and I am so thrilled to be here. I am particularly excited at blogging about one of my favourite topics-men! I fall in love all the time. You could say it’s my job. Every time I start a new novel my hero captures my heart. If he doesn’t then he’s not the right man for the story.

Men are such fascinating creatures, I should know-I live with three generations of them! But one thing I have learned is one size does not fit all. What some women love in a man others hate. Take me for instance. I decided at an early age that I could not fall in love with a man unless he had dark hair, and guess what? I didn’t. I still don’t understand why I was quite so adamant about it. Maybe it was because Jane Austen’s Mr Darcy was dark, so too was my adored father. I know plenty of gorgeous blonde men, but nah, they do nothing for me. Give me tall, dark and dangerously handsome anytime.

This is one of the challenges for a romance author to craft a hero who is irresistible. It’s not just about looks, but more about his character: who he is, what he wants in life, how he goes about it, and what his journey thus far has been.

Very few of us get to adulthood without baggage of some sort. It is true what they say: Every childhood lasts a lifetime. Some of my favourite heroes are those who have been damaged in some way. Jake Marriott in The Secret Baby Bargainand Alessandro Marciano in The Marciano Love-Child and Joel Addison in In Her Boss’s Special Care are just three that spring to mind. My upcoming release -- The Venadicci Marriage Vengeance also brings two spirited but damaged people together with explosive, passionate results.

There is often a lot of heated debate about the alpha male, however what we might like in a romance novel might not be what we want sitting across the table at breakfast. Personally, I love a man who knows what he wants and sets out to get it. I like drive and ambition, even a little well motivated ruthlessness. I like a leader, a man with a sense of honour and responsibility, and the all important sense of humour. But then I like those things in women too, and try to bring them to the characters I create.

I hope you enjoy my latest release and that Gabby and Vinn’s journey touches you in some way as indeed it did for me.

Melanie Milburne

For more about Melanie, and her latest US release, The Fiorenza Forced Marriage, be sure to check out her website.


  1. Melanie;

    I read with interest your blog. Certainly the males are an intregal part of the romance novel. I have been reading series romances for more years than I care to admit to. Over the years the men have changed and also stayed the same in other ways. I have read a number of Presents novels over the years, certainly the males have become more aware of the heroines and their feelings, become more sensitive so to speak but the alpha male characteristics of arrogance, personal power and and egotism remain.

    I would have to say that the males I like to read about would not make the best partner material in my real life.

    The males (dh and ds) in my life would not be classed as alphas. My husband has great leadership abilities which show in most all he does but he also has the capacity to led me lead him when it is necessary!

    I enjoyed your latest book The Fiorenza Forced Marriage. Thank you

  2. Well, although real life alphas and romance alphas are two entirely different creatures, I do love both (I am married to the first, read about the second).

    I'm not really into the physical. What I love is intelligence. Give me brains over brawn any day (or better, both).

  3. Hi Kimber and Linda,
    Thanks for your comments. It's great that you get the whole romantic fantasy thing. A lot of people get confused and think romance writers are saying all men should be alpha and unless they are they are somehow less than male. Far from it! I couldn't bear to live with someone who was too alpha and yet I couldn't bear to live with a man who couldn't stand up for himself and his loved ones. It's a tricky balance for men these days as indeed it is for women. I still love doors opened for me but it doesn't mean I think I am incapable of opening them for myself! Anyway, glad you enjoyed my book/s and hope you lose yourself in more of mine!
    All the best,