Monday, March 30, 2009

Male on Monday - David Boreanaz

Please welcome suspense author Linda Conrad with this week's edition of the ever popular Male on Monday!

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of contemplating about heroes. Particularly paranormal heroes. Which brings me around to thinking of one of my favorite sensual actors.

The whole thing began the other day when I was wondering how we modern women ever decided that a vampire could be a good guy. Well, I didn’t have to consider that question for too long before the answer came to me. I believe the great change-over of opinion from vampires being erotic villains to them as soulful good guys started with my old favorite TV show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

And that thought brought me to David Boreanaz. Who could ever have watched the Buffy show and not come away loving Angel? I know Spike was and is everyone’s to-die-for guy, but Angel changed everything.

Don’t you love a guy that can give you chills in more than one way? Yum.

Just about every woman in America took notice of David Boreanaz’s electrifying role as Angel. He landed on People magazine’s prestigious list of the 50 Most Beautiful people in 1999. It was the role of a lifetime that sealed his future as a TV heartthrob.

He has only appeared in one mainstream movie, a slasher horror flick called Valentine. But he has certainly taken American television by storm.

David is an American of Italian descent who will be turning forty this year. But age has only added to his rugged good looks and charm. He is currently staring in another one of my favorite of all time TV shows: Bones. He plays FBI agent Seely Booth, an alpha male partnered with an even more alpha female heroine. (but wasn’t that what we loved about him in Buffy too?)

There aren’t many men who can pull off sexy and virile even in a plain, lawman style suit coat and white shirt. But David Boreanaz is a master. He has that swagger and a smile that can make even a strong woman like Temperance Brennan in Bones go weak in the knees.

My favorite of his quotes seems to sum up that old-fashioned strong guy with a soft heart persona. “I see LA as a beautiful blonde with dirty underwear.” David Boreanaz.

David is married with one son, but that doesn’t stop his fans, including me, from fantasizing what it would be like to become his partner. He is the man who can claim to have changed forever our opinions about vampires. And every woman’s opinion about him! David Boreanaz started an entirely new genre of fan fiction.

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