Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Writer's Wednesday - Waiting with Karen Sandler

This Writer's Wednesday Karen Sandler joins us with the bane of every writer's existence....Waiting...Not So Patiently!

I hate waiting. At the doctor’s, for stoplights, in traffic. Yuck. Drives me crazy. I just have no patience for it. Which is a little odd, since I love fishing. And what’s fishing, if not lots and lots of waiting?

But I digress. The thing I find most maddening to wait for is a response from an editor. This has not changed in the fifteen years I’ve been writing novels full-time. Even before that when I was sending out short stories scattershot to various publications, I’d be chewing my nails waiting the months and months it often took to get a reply. A reply that was more often than not a rejection.

The uninitiated might think that as a published author, as an author who has written many books under contract for Silhouette, that my editor drops everything the moment my newest proposal crosses his desk. That he reads through it that very day it arrives (I can hear some of you snickering). And the moment he finishes reading my masterpiece, he rushes it off to the senior editor (you're chuckling now, aren't you?) and stands by her door waiting for her rapid response (now you’re roaring with laughter).

Of course he doesn’t. And so I wait.

Is it unreasonable of me to want to know NOW if my editor loves my proposal and wants to go to contract? To not want to wait even another minute? Well, yeah, very unreasonable. But still, there’s an impatient little girl inside me that wants to stomp her feet and hold her breath until she hears a “yes.” It’s the adult me that has to remind that little girl that my editor has much much more on his plate than my next contract. And that I!

So those of you who are waiting for an answer from an editor, a call from an agent, feedback from a critiquer, or a check in the mail, I feel for you. If you’re as antsy as me, with your thumbs cramping up from twiddling, let me know.
Leave a comment so we can commiserate. If you drop me a note using the contact form on my website,, I'll include your name in a drawing for a signed copy of my book HER MIRACLE MAN from Silhouette Special Edition.


  1. Karen I've been waiting for nearly three months for an agent to get back to me on a partial. Now I know it takes time, but I am patiently crossing my fingers and praying that the universe will align just right so that the agent loves my work. Maybe one day I'll be able to breeze through these processes but not this week.

  2. I'm now 3 mths waiting to hear from M&B (Medical) on a partial and I'm getting antsy too. I'm trying to kid myself that no news, might be good news (but I'm not doing a very good job!). :)