Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wild Card Weekend - Last Minute Valentines

This weekend your editors bring you some ideas for last minute Valentine's Day prezzies...both sweet and sassy....

Once upon a time, I was a planner. I knew what I was getting people for Christmas, birthdays, Valentine's Day....but then life got busier, and busier, and suddenly the calendar screams at me that important dates are coming up and I haven't. Done. A. Single. Thing.

I have to say, my friends and family that knew me when smile VERY smugly when that happens.

So here are some last minute ideas from both of us if you've gotten to today and have yet to buy your sweetie a thing.

Forget cards. At this point they are picked over. Some people say you HAVE to have a card but I don't agree. My husband has this motto - Deeds, not words. So I think you can't go wrong with something that says I Choose You. And men being suggestion is a little x-rated and Jenna will probably gasp but stop at the grocery store, grab a can of whipped cream or chocolate sauce, put on your best knickers and blow his mind. Seriously. The last thing he'll be thinking about will be A CARD.

Did sweet Donna just say what I think she said? Wowza, I'd expect that from me...heck my husband thinks it's synonomous with Valentine's Day...anywho...

I've never been one to plan. In fact, I don't know what we're having for dinner tonight. Spontanaity breeds creativity. If you have nothing planned, start the day by um...helping him wash his back in the shower. You're sure to wind up with roses by dinner. If that ship has sailed, grab that box of snapshots you've been meaning to do something with and tape them to the wall in the shape of a heart. Tuck a naughty note inside his lunch, or briefcase, or laptop, or portfolio...or all of the above...

He's already at work? Naughty texts are the new love letter. Go on, be bold.

Ooooh, naughty texts! I'm on board with that considering he spends more time with his blackberry these days than with me...

Ok, so now in keeping with the sweeter side of my personality, and the fact that, well yeah, like I just mentioned, our lives get busy. Sometimes all that's required is a little couple time, especially if you've got kids and work and a thousand other commitments. Put in your favourite movie, pop some popcorn, and open a bottle of wine. Indulge in some chocolate dipped strawberries. Use the glasses from your wedding for a little sentimentality. What do you think, Jenna?

According to my seven-year-old, Valentine's Day is all about how much candy you can get at your class party. My husband has a chocolate chip cookie addiction, so he'll usually find a dozen with extra walnuts just for him. Couple time is fleeting in my house - the baby is too small for us to take an overnight and I use the Grandma babysitting time to volunteer at the boys school - so doing something to let him know I think about just him once in a while is usually appreciated.

Well gee, Jenna, it seems that we come from similar minds, doesn't it? Making it about the little things with lots of meaning. And let's face it...guys aren't really into flowers and perfume. In that way, I think this is one time that men and women might actually want the same thing, even though it manifests in different ways...we all just want to know we come first in someone's heart.

(Aw come on, you knew my squishy side had to come out eventually)

And if any of you are of the male variety of reader, or if you wish to point your Johnny-come-lately boyfriend/husband to some important info, men can't go wrong with impulse buys of:


Spa certificates

Gift cards for a favourite bookstore

There's a Valentine's prezzie up for grabs for a random commenter who gives us their last minute Valentine's idea!

This weekend you can also download a free e-book from eharlequin as part of their anniversary celebrations. There are sixty stories from eharlequin hosted Author Blog Bashes inside (you might even find a familiar Pink Heart name or two) as well as a short story by Catherine Mann!

The link to download is at , starting on February 14th.

Jenna's celebrating Valentine's Day with the family and presumably sending naughty texts between batches of chocolate chip cookies.

Donna on the other hand is looking forward to that glass of wine and movie after signing copies of her latest release, The Rancher's Runaway Princess at a booksigning in Bedford, NS.


  1. Chocolate and books are the perfect last minute gifts. Stores never run out of them.

    Happy Valentine Day everyone.

  2. As a last minute gift a gift card is the best.

  3. A home cooked meal with a special dessert made by him is great way to make up as a last minute gift.

  4. Going out to dinner is a good one for us since we rarely eat out. I hope everyone has a happy Valentine's!

  5. A hand written love letter is a way to go. With technology all around us, time taken to put your feelings on paper is sure to mean alot.

  6. A gift card or a romantic movie on DVD.

  7. Happy Valentine's Day! If you have a chance to get to the store today, they have a lot of Valentine's chocolate on sale. Since times are tough for so many, this is a nice gift and won't cost so much. If not, I think an "I Love You" and "Happy Valentine's Day" with a big hug and a kiss coming from the heart will make anyone smile.

  8. Happy Valentine's Day!!!!
    Last minute Valentine idea would be a hand written letter telling you how he feels.
    Chocolate and a stuffed animal.
    A movie you have been dying to see with him watching it with you.
    Making a homemade meal together and enjoying each other afterwards.

  9. a nice card or cook meal


  10. A hand made card and a delectable home cooked meal.

  11. Peggy - you're the winner of the draw!

    Drop us an e-mail at with your address and I'll put your prize in the mail.