Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Temptation Tuesday - Pancakes

Welcome back to Christina Hollis and Temptation Tuesday's post for Shrove Tuesday! I don't know about you, but I'm suddenly very hungry....

Temptation and Pancake Day – those words go together like Venice and Carnivale. My February release for Harlequin Presents, Her Ruthless Italian Boss, is set in the lovely old Italian city. Despite her beauty, Venice can suffer from extremes of weather. Luckily, hero Luca knows exactly how to take heroine Beth’s mind off it!

In theory, we’re coming to the end of winter here in England. Let’s hope we’ve left the snow chaos behind us, and can look forward to a balmy Easter in a few weeks’ time. Meanwhile, I made the best of the blizzards and collected a small container of snow during the last fall. It’s now safely stowed away in my freezer. My grandmother used to put a bit of clean snow into her batter mixture when available, claiming it made the resulting pancakes lighter. So this year (in the interests of science!) I’m going to make two batches of batter, whisking an egg into 4oz (100g) of flour and adding enough milk to make a thin ‘cream’. One batch will have some of the milk replaced by a blob of snow. Everyone loves pancakes, so there will be no shortage of willing volunteers for the taste test!

When I was little, pancakes were always studded with plump juicy sultanas and served with lemon juice and crunchy coarse-grained sugar. My own children are more adventurous. I freeze a lot of fruit in summer, so there’s a choice of blueberries, raspberries, brambles and mulberries that can be easily converted into pancake toppings. This year we still have a few apples left in store, too. A thick puree of those, maybe with some sultanas and a pinch of ground cloves makes a lovely filling. Though sometimes simple ideas are best. Ice cream and maple syrup is quick, easy– and the last word in Temptation! What’s your favourite pancake indulgence?

Discover the results of the great pancake experiment by visiting my website on http://www.christinahollis.com/ and clicking on the ‘my blog’ link you’ll find there. I’m running a competition until the end of February, too. Drop in to find out how to enter!



  1. maple syrup, all the way. the kidlets love mini chocolate chips.

  2. What a fab idea about the snow! Must try this. (But no snow until 2010, please...)

    I'm experimenting with different batters at the moment - I don't have a waffle maker (probably just as well) so I'm planning to make Norwegian waffles in pancake form. (Is research for book. Must eat lots.)

    My daughter adores pancakes, so I have a feeling that it's going to be pancake week rather than pancake day. Fave filling here is fresh strawberries and ice cream; or golden syrup.

    There used to be a restaurant in Norwich which specialised in the banana dog - a pancake with melted butter, wrapped around a banana. I never did get to try that one!

  3. We made up the batters this morning before school with the new mini-whisk, and then spent ten minutes getting the excess off the walls floor and ceiling!
    This has been a choc-chip free zone for weeks, as none of the shops seem to sell them any more. Perhaps there's a world shortage? Never mind, we've got plenty of maple syrup and ice cream, and I'm thinking of trying a banana with them...

  4. We're maple syrup too! And my mum froze mashed strawberries and sugar, so she'd often thaw some and we'd have that on pancakes as well.

    Personally my girls love blueberry pancakes and I add a bit of cinnamon. Or I will grate an apple and add some cinnamon. Yum!

  5. Christina - Sainsbury's definitely sell choc chips (I use them in my infamous cookies, at every family party, and I have to make enough so everyone can take a doggy bag home - http://www.katehardy.com/recipes/choc-chip-cookies.html). I think Waitrose might, too.

    Ooh, cinnamon. Yum. (Nice idea, Donna.)

  6. Thanks, Kate, our Waitrose stopped doing them last summer, but I'll definitely try Sainsbury's next time I'm in town. When I've tracked them down, I'll try your recipe.
    I didn't think something so popular would be allowed to vanish altogether!

  7. Christina,
    You've got me thinking about pancakes tonight. We are traditionalists, and like them with maple syrup, or sugar and lemon juice. My daughter has some passionfruit sauce we are going to try. Red fruits are good with pancakes too...
    Best wishes

  8. Well, we've scoffed them all and I have to report that while the mixture with added snow really did seem to make lighter pancakes, they weren't quite as satisfying as the snow-less ones so we ended up eating twice as many of the 'new improved' sort. How's that for an excuse for over-indulgence?!

  9. it's maple syrup for my son and myself.
    and fruit for hubby.