Thursday, February 19, 2009

Soundtrack Thursday: The Angelic voice of Josh Groban

One of the coming synergies is supposed to be soundtracks for books, according to a futurist. I have news for that futurist -- most authors do have a soundtrack that they listen to as they create. Or in my case, I listen to the soundtracks when I am not working. It is the discovering of new music that fits which is the fun part. I never quite know where the inspiration will strike. But once I discover a song, it does go round and round. My children begin to complain; the book gets finished and sent off; my obssession ends or at least until the revisions come back and I am able to get myself in the mood again.

About 18 months ago,Kate Hardy told me about Josh Groban and how he was truly the romance novelist's inspiration. I listened to Awake and okay nice, but right now, my real inspiration is Run rig and Les Miserables. (I was writing Viking Warrior, Unwilling Wife at the time).

My daughter then discovered the album and began to play it over and over again. Yes, the voice is good but still no inspiration. I bought Noel for her as Christmas present.
I was writing Impoverished Miss, Convenient Wife and so listening far more to classical and for some reason at the end, the Indian Jones theme tune. This is what happens when you put the radio on a classic radio station and you happen on movie theme hour.

Anyway, I got the Josh Groban Collection for my daughter for this Christmas, but this time, I can really understand what Kate Hardy and Kate Walker were talking about. I listened to it (and Run rig) when I was revising my latest Viking. And I am currently listening to it as I write my latest manuscript.

There are reasons why he is so inspiring. So whose voice has been inspiring you lately?

Michelle Styles's latest Impoverished Miss, Convenient Wife will be out in paperback and as an ebook in April in the UK. It is the sequel to A Question of Impropriety which is out in large print in March. Mills & Boon recently started offering large print books on their website.


  1. And obviously listening to Josh Groban helped! Because on Tuesday I learnt that the Viking had FINALLY been accepted and I had new four book contract...

  2. YAY!!! Well I find it is odd songs rather than complete albums that help me (see last week's post). Although I do find listening to Del Amitri's album 'Change Everything Change' a good one to have on when working.
    I still haven't delved into the world of Josh Groban... maybe I should.

  3. I make myself a soundtrack for each book. Animal Instincts though was 'I know how you feel about me now'. But at the moment for Crystal Clear it's mainly Bruce Springsteen with a bit of the Feeling, a dash of Nickelback and a pinch of Kid Rock.

  4. Biddy -- you should. He does have a lovely voice and I did agree with your last week's post about individual songs. Certain songs just go through my brain.

    Nell -- I am impressed. Making a soundtrack. I think Kate Hardy might do that as well. I think I am just too lazy.

  5. I make a soundtrack if things inspire me. But that's because I hardly ever buy cd's anymore, I buy tracks. In Josh's case though, I want the cd.

    And thank you for the You are Loved clip. I watched it and got excited all over again. I went to see him twice live including that AWAKE tour. He is fantastic live. One of the things my dh said when we moved from Calgary was that we might not get to see him live again. We later said we'd fly to Montreal or Toronto for a concert.

  6. I'm a short-attention-span, soundtrack kind of girl too, and Josh's 'February Song' did find its way onto the playlist for my last book where it fitted the mood of a particular section perfectly. (Thanks Josh!)

    My current fave on the soundtrack for the book I'm writing now is a track by Natalie Merchant called My Skin. Yum.

  7. YOu know it figures that DOnna has seen him live twice! Drums fingers...

    Now I am going to have to find My Skin India as the title sounds intriguing.

  8. Michelle - I can't quite claim credit for Josh, as both Margaret McDonagh and Kate Walker introduced him to me...

    But 'Awake' is a very lightbulby album.

    And India played me that song on her Ipod last week - it's very good. You'd enjoy it.

    Yep, I've done soundtracks for years - in fact, one of my books from the 90s has 'with music from Vivaldi and Bon Jovi' as part of the blurb (German edition), which amused me highly :) (Jon Bon Jovi singing 'Bed of Roses' definitely works for me...)

  9. PS and I meant to say - congrats on the new contract!

  10. Ah yes, but Kate you had the sense to pass him along as it were. And hopefully you will get to do one of your soundtracks here soonish. I thought it so interesting when I read this futurist predicting as I thought -- future? It has already happened.

    I will now go and find India's rec.