Monday, February 16, 2009

Male On Monday - New Zealand Hotties!

A big PHS welcome back to Natalie Anderson, with some great visual treats for our Male On Monday feature!

Who is New Zealand's Hottest Man?

I was so excited when Donna told me I’d scored a M.O.M. slot but then the panic hit me – so MANY hotties have been M.O.Med already!!!? How/where could I come up with someone new??? But in the end it was easy… why, all I had to do was look around at my own countrymen… but then it got hard again, how could I pick just one?

So I phoned my pals and asked who they thought was New Zealand’s Hottest Man. The answers ranged from wild to weird! But I’ve compiled the best of them and now I put the question to you – from the selection on offer below, who would you say is NEW ZEALAND’S HOTTEST MAN?

First up, here are some Men In Black, i.e. the All Blacks – that famous rugby team which we here in NZ still like to think rule the world. Frankly they do rule, at least in terms of rugby jersey design! I love the cling film look – well, with bods like these I do. These guys are seriously F-I-T – big, tall, strong, and with stamina like…oh wheeee!!! (Is it any wonder M&B just launched those rugby-related books??!!)

The current Team Sex Symbol (TSS) is generally thought to be Dan Carter (born 1982, 91kg, 1.79m). Now I know you think he looks short in that team pic, he’s not, he’s taller than me and really that’s all that matters, and its just that he’s standing next to someone really, really tall… He got to put on the black jersey at the teeny age of 21. Not only is he one of the world’s best first-fives (that means he kicks the ball over the posts), he’s NZ’s answer to David Beckham too – so into fashion he has his own shop! And check out his Jockey undies ad – now that just cannot be ignored!

Others however, prefer the captain, Richie McCaw (born 1980, 106kg, 1.87m) – the greatest rugby player on the field today (not that I’m biased)! Even more of a prodigy Richie first captained the side when just 23!!! I think part of his attraction is his ‘mana’ (i.e. status) and power on the field – yes, I’m a Richie girl all the way. Check him out in the picture of him outside his hotel in Paris and all those Parisian babes hanging out for an autograph from him! But sadly both Dan and Richie have girlfriends – as befitting their local hero status – Dan’s dating ex-champ hockey player Honor Dillon while Richie is all loved up with professional dancer and snowboarding champion Haylee Holt.

But there’s fresh competition for the Team Sex Symbol title: let me bring Richard Kahui to the mix! Richard (born 1985, 96kg, 1.86m) is the team newbie and total dreamboat. Just look. I don’t need to say anything more do I?

So which Rich would you tackle, huh?

Now move your eyes (staring too long at one spot isn’t good for them) because I have more – yes, more!
As New Zealand is the home of Peter Jackson and ‘Wellywood’, we have some seriously fine actors. Kate Walker nicked Sam Neill a few Mondays ago but there are plenty of others to pick from.

Most of our actors get to cut their teeth on our local ‘soap’ Shortland Street – including this guy (spot prize for any Kiwis out there – what line from Shorty will forever be associated with him?):

Temuera Morrison (born 1960, 1.7m), he of the bottomless brown eyes, starred as the scarred and scary Jake in Once Were Warriors and won awards for his role. Since then he’s gone onto big things in Hollywood too – namely Star Wars where he was Jango Fett – and was cloned many times over… (no bad thing, huh?).

Next up is another ex-Shortland Street actor, Martin Henderson (born 1974, 1.75m). After leaving Shortie he moved to Oz and worked with a young Heath Ledger before heading off to try his luck in LA. He’s worked in a few films there but is pretty much a jobbing actor. One of his most successful films was the Bollywood hit Bride & Prejudice and oh yes, he starred in a Britney Spears video…

And then there’s yet another ex-Shortie star Karl Urban (born 1972, 1.85m). Karl is one of the many, many, many (i.e. just about everyone you know) local actors who worked on the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I refuse to put a picture of him as Eomer here though – baaaaad hair. On good hair days, as you can see, he’s gorgeous...

Karl is, of course, not to be confused with Keith Urban (aka Mr Nicole Kidman; born 1967, not as tall as Nic) – and yes, that gorgeous hunky country crooner with the brilliant blue eyes is, naturally, a Kiwi-born lad.

But don’t many women say that there’s nothing sexier than a man who can make her laugh? Well my final two guys today are New Zealand’s most successful comedy duo. Behold Jemaine Clement and Brett McKenzie (let’s not bother with their stats).

Here they are performing one of their most famous numbers from their chart topping, Grammy Award winning ‘Flight of the Conchords’ album – if nothing else, it ought to make you smile!

Sadly Jemaine has just had a baby with his long-term love (they named the child Sophocles) but I believe Brett (he of the stripy jersey fame) is possibly still on the market!

Now, my fellow droolers readers, its ‘business time’. Who’s your pick: Dan, Richie, Richard, Temuera, Martin, Karl, Keith or the two-for-one special of Jemaine and Brett. Comment below and tell me who you think is New Zealand’s Hottest Man – if I happen to agree, I’ll send you a book!

Natalie has releases available in both the US and the UK this month! Both are set in Wellington (New Zealand’s capital and home of movie lord Peter Jackson) and star two gorgeous New Zealand guys:

Blake in PLEASURED IN THE PLAYBOY’S PENTHOUSE makes wannabe actress Bella see all the stars -

while Daniel in MISTRESS UNDER CONTRACT is the ice-cool lawyer burning up the bar with his new temp Lucy…

You can check out Natalie’s other upcoming releases at her website:


  1. Hey Nat, great post! I just had to be the first to say "Richie all the way!!" I mean, those other guys can't even compete really :) You're with me on that, right??

    Anyway, if you haven't read Natalie's latest book then add it to you TBR pile. It's fab!


  2. Ooooh, has to be Richie all the way! Although I wouldn't say no to Dan or Richard!
    Those three combined are the reason I follow rugby at all :-)

  3. Karl Urban is all smouldering and intense, while Martin Henderson is just so smexy and gorgeous. They both chew up the silver screen, no matter how bad the movie their in. *LOL*

    I'll take those two boys thank you for the cream of the crop.


  4. Soraya I have to say the new Richard in the team is looking pretty fine but yes, Capn Richie is good... but then I like some of those actors too..

    *Blushing* on the plug - glad you enjoyed it!

  5. Natalie, "You're not in Guatemala anymore Dr Ropata" is the phrase you're looking for I think?? :-)

    They're hot guys but I'm afraid it's Brett and Jemaine all the way. Especially when they get "down to their socks"... ;-)

  6. Katie_S - they make a good threesome huh?! And I'm right about the rugby jerseys aren't I?! ;)

  7. Louise P - I'm Karl U over Martin - purely on a basis of height - from where I stand its very important!!!!
    (giggling over the bad movies!!!!)


    Yes, we're not in Guatemala now are we... flick me your snail mail addy (natalie at natalie-anderson dot com) and I'll put a copy of the latest in for you...

    ANd yes, Jemaine & Brett - sentimental favourites I must admit - so glad there are others out there who appreciate their talents...

  9. Cheers, Natalie! Actually I wish I was in Guatemala right now. Make a nice change from dealing with the kids. :-)

    Oh, and you missed out Murray, their manager. That hair...

  10. No Nat, you are so wrong it is Dan all the way. Gotta love the smouldering I want to be loved look

  11. Pat - you don't think he's a little too pretty??? "Never go out with a guy prettier than me" is my motto... a man's gotta look like a MAN

    Oh Jackie - no, no and NO again to Murray - Jemaine and Brett have a certain funny-geek-cute thing going (and it helps that Jemaine has HEIGHT) but Murray is a step too far...

  12. Um, those pictures are a little small, don't you think? Can't really make a good, educated choice at that ratio. I think you need to email those files to me... ;-)

    But I'm leaning toward Martin or Karl. I'm strangely into the stubble these days...

  13. Go for Karl Kimberly - he has the height - I'll send you another privately... I clogged up poor Donna's inbox with even more pics of these guys and she had to cull them, poor sweetie ;)

  14. DAN!
    No, RICHIE!!!
    No, yes, um, RICHIE XXX
    How's life in the small smoke Nat? Been meaning to email. Chch misses you.


  15. Hi Jan!!! Knew you'd go for the boys in black... it's a toughie isn't it?

    I miss you too - but there's a Coffee Culture in the small smoke - you and S gotta come on a road trip and see me sometime! ;)

  16. Well Nat,you've convinced me!


  17. I'm going with Karl Urban. He was hot in the LOTR trilogy.

  18. Oh sigh - rugby men on a Monday morning. Perfect! But where are the men from the 'proper' rugby? Nat, you are going to have to do a whole other post with League men!!

    I'm picking the new Rich in the team because he looks like he has dimples and they just kill me.

    At the risk of sounding like a serious stalker, do I get any points for guessing the top pic is Robbie Paul?!

  19. Hi Natalie,

    Great to see you back. I hope you and yours are settling in well in your new abode.
    Definitely Karl Urban. All the way. It's his eyes, they do funny stuff if you imagine he's staring specifically at you....
    Am I the only woman on the planet who would rather go on a date with Chewbaca (?) than Keith Urban?? I don't want to insult his legion of fans so I won't say any more.

    Anyway, fab to see you hear and I look forward to hearing more from you,

    All the best,

  20. See you HERE. It's early, my brain doesn't start functioning until at least noon.

  21. Lots of great choices but I have to pick Richie.

  22. Holy cow woman! I'ts 7:45 AM here and look at the responses already!

    And yes, I had to cull a few pictures. It was REALLY difficult to decide which ones had to stay, um, on my hard drive. :-)

  23. We American girls LOVE Martin Henderson!! Esp. those green eyes and dimples. :)

    Check him out opposite Charlize Theron, Michelle Rodriguez and Woody Harrelson in the film 'Battle in Seattle.'

  24. Well, I have to say I'm taking a shine to Richard, the third rugby player. Those bodies really are to die for aren't they — and I think you're right about that skin-tight black strip Nat. All I can say is Yummy!

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. So good to give my 'brain' a workout at this time of day. Dan? Richard (the new one)? Martin? Karl? Hmm, I'm going to have to ponder a little longer.

  27. Jane - Karl has a lot going for him I must say but his hair was baaaaaad in LOTR didn't you think???? ;)

    JOanne - heck, I forgot the league boys - that's terrible of me!!! (BUT I'm not a follower) - I'm in Canterbury (the home of most of the ABS including Richie and Dan) and do you can understand my bias...

  28. HI Aideen!!!!!!! So nice to see you too :) :)
    Things have been crazy busy (still are) but will settle soon I hope...
    laughing about your Keith comment... ok, another one for Karl...

    oh but wait, there's Maureen with another vote for Richie - I think its coming down to the wire between those two...

  29. Donna - a pile of pics like that - I figure there was going to be some kind of response! ;)

    Rachelle - is Martin pretty big stateside then???? I never really knew (he's still 'Sutart' from Shortland Street for us!!)

    Heidi - the bodies are amazing - and yes Richards is mighty fine - you should see that pic a little bigger - he has an incredible shape and yes the jersey just sets it off!!!

  30. Oooh, Karl Urban. Definitely. Loved his committed bad boy in The Bourne Ultimatum and in The Chronicles of Riddick...dark, dark, dark! Lovely!

    Mind you, Richard Kahui is definitely easy on the eye too.

  31. D'uh, I meant The Bourne Supremacy. Definitely supreme in that! ;-)

  32. I'm so glad you've enjoyed the picks guys (yes Yvonne, I reckon Karl is the best of the actor picks!). But as I can't make up my mind who is number one tho I guess I can't pick a winner from you guys either, so I've just put your names in a hat and picked one out - Anna Cleary - hon, a book will be winging its way to you shortly! :)

  33. Wow Nat! That's fantastic! I must say I hardly think I deserve it, but you can be sure I'll be grabbing that book with gusto and devouring every sensational word!

    THank you babe!

  34. Hi Natalie!

    I wouldn't say Martin was REALLY big in the States...but he does get recognized from being in 'the Ring' and 'Bride and Prejudice.' He has just landed a telly pilot from the producers of 'Grey's Anatomy' if that gets picked up, count on Martin being a household name in the States like he is in NZ. :)

  35. You have some definite hotties in New Zealand, but I do have a thing for athletes, especially in black, so I'm voting for Richard Kahui! He's sooooo sexy!! I'll have to send my daughter down under!

  36. those are hot men
    also the show legend of the seeker set in new z
    richard or craig horner is hot. him with shirt off on the show