Monday, February 23, 2009

Male On Monday - Darius Danesh

Please welcome new Presents author Sabrina Philips with her first ever Male on Monday slot!

Ahh…my very first male on Monday slot. The choices were vast, the hours spent trawling google images numerous, but for me, it was always going to be this delectable specimen…

Darius Danesh became a household name in the UK in 2000 when he infamously appeared on the reality TV show Pop Stars, and then later Pop Idol. He turned up to his first audition sporting a dodgy beard and a pony tail, gave a cheesy rendition of Britney’s ‘Hit me Baby One More Time’, and took a beating from the press. However, he ended up proving all his critics wrong by finishing third in Pop Idol, (only losing out to Will Young and Gareth Gates). And that was just the beginning…

Despite not winning the contest, Simon Cowell was so impressed that he offered Darius a record deal anyway. But the delectable Scotsman (that’s right ladies, and he’s no stranger to a kilt!) was unenthused by Cowell’s suggestion that he release an album of cover versions, so he turned him down and sent off a self-penned track to legendary producer Steve Lillywhite. (Principled, talented, and willing to take a serious risk to follow his dream rather than sell-out, we like!)

And the rest, as they say, is history. Lillywhite adored the song – Colourblind went straight to number one in the UK charts in July 2002, and the album which followed went platinum. After a second album and a best-selling book about his experiences entitled Sink or Swim, Darius then turned his attention to the West End, with rave reviews.

At 25 he was the youngest ever actor to play the role of Billy Flynn in Chicago, and having personally had front row seats to the show, I can confirm he was fantastic (and even my poor husband who also had to endure the close-up view had to admit that he was brilliant.) And we weren’t the only ones who thought so, because after a stint as the lead in Guys and Dolls, he went on to land the coveted role of Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind.

The only downside? Sadly he’s off the market. After a string of gorgeous girlfriends, he is now in a long-term relationship with beautiful Canadian actress Natasha Henstridge, with whom he shares a Hollywood mansion when he’s not working in London. But hey! At least being single isn’t a pre-requisite for being hero inspiration eh?

Sabrina’s debut hero – Italian billionaire Dante Valenti, who also happens to be tall, dark, handsome and multi-talented (!) is now available for your reading pleasure.

To celebrate, Sabrina has a signed copy to give away – just email your name and address to and she’ll will pick a winner!

Valenti’s One-Month Mistress is a February Mills and Boon Modern release in the UK and a March Harlequin Presents release in the US.


  1. I remember Darius!!! I loved Pop Idol when we lived in England, much to my husband's embarrassment... I haven't got into American Idol over here, for some reason. I had no idea Darius had had such a successful career.

    Thanks for 'sharing' him, Sabrina.

  2. Thanks Kate! It amazes me the way some people who don't even win these shows go onto really successful careers and others just bomb. I was always convinced Darius had a future though, I wonder why...!

    Thanks to everyone who entered my contest and congratulations to Lakshmi from Trinidad who won the signed copy of my book!