Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday Talk Time - What are you Reading with Pamela Tracy

Maybe the question should be “What am I not Reading?”

Truthfully, I’m reading one of the RITA books that arrived at my door last week. Hmmm, I’m not going to talk about that (picture tape over mouth), so I’ll talk about all my other books! Fun, fun, fun!

Enter the house of Pamela Tracy. It’s a maze of toddler toys, daddy toys, and mommy books. Of course there is a book in the living room. Yup, on the antique sewing machine by my comfortable easy chair (the one with koolaid stains on the arms) is a book I’ve been reading on and off for the last three years. It’s call What to Expect: The Toddler Years. It’s by Arlene Eisenberg. See, I became a first time mother at the age of 44. My son is now three. All my friends, mostly falling under the category of either new mothers-in-law or ridiculously young grandmothers, look at me fairly askew when I asked questions like, “Should I still be helping my son get his pajamas on at age three or should he be able to dress himself?” Thus the need for Eisenberg’s book.

Travel now the master bathroom. On the edge of the tub (we have a very strange 70’s era tub made of burnt orange tile. Really, we almost didn’t buy the house!), you’ll find my husband’s dirt bike magazines, you’ll find People magazine, and there is the secret RITA book by the secret RITA author. Truthfully, I’m interested in the book. It’s an imprint I’ve never really read before, and so far, I’m having a secret good time.

Now, for the bed. My husband insisted we have a king sized bed. Unfortunately, we do not have a king sized room. So, our bedroom is mostly bed. I do have a nightstand by my bed (shoved against the wall). There are no less than five books on it. On top is Walking The Bible by Bruce Feiler. See, I’ve always made it a habit to read something spiritually aimed before bed. Usually, it’s the Bible. Sometimes it’s a devotional book. Right now Feiler’s book is proving very enjoyable. I’d give it a thumbs up were I a judge. I expect to take more than a year to get through it. I read only one or two pages a night. I wish the scenes were in one or two pages. Sometimes I don’t know where to stop. The most interesting fact I’ve discovered from Feiler has to do with pillars of salt. Apparently near the Dead Sea, the air actually pushes down on the water (and a whole lot more happens) and then eventually salt will push out of the ground and even harden. Thus, pillars of salt.

Also near the bed are three Love Inspired books by Carol Steward. I met her a few weeks ago when she visited Arizona, and made it a point to grab her latest book. Two pages in, I realized that I just had to read the book before (think trilogy). A page into that one, I realized I just had to read book one. I owned it. I belong to the LIS bookclub. It took me a week to find it (now who put the book in my office when clearly the living room, the bathroom, or the bedroom was the logical choices!). Before I could get past page ten, the RITAs arrived. Carol’s books are lying there, lonely, just waiting for some attention. Also in my bedroom, (I did say there were five books on the nightstand) is Nora Roberts’ Angel Falls. I’ve watched the movie and now want to see how they compare.

My son’s bedroom is the hot spot for me. It’s done in Thomas the Train. Boy was I glad to leave Baby Einstein and hit the Thomas era. Thomas has plot. Thomas even has a girlfriend. Truly, I read two books, complete books!, a night – thanks to my son. Right now his number one favorite is Corduroy. If I see that little bear on the side of the road, we’re talking roadkill. Then, he lets me vary. Last night I also read Who Took the Cookie From the Cookie Jar. We also read a chapter each night from his Children’s Bible.

My husband’s office has books in it, but they’re just there because… well because there are books everywhere.

The kitchen, too, doesn’t not have a currently-in-process book… unless you see my purse there hanging from a table chair. Yup, there it is. In the side pocket. I’m reading What Sarah Saw by Margaret Daley. This is a Love Inspired Suspense I started before the RITAs arrived. I’m twenty pages from the end. Wouldn’t you know it, the RITAs arrived right when school started (Did I mention I’m a teacher?) My reading time was cut in half. Oh, and did I mention that I have a book due Feb. 20th. It really doesn’t have a title. Oh, and I’m also doing line edits for my August release Fugitive Family. And, then this month I have a release Daddy for Keeps.

It’s a rare day that I have just one book going. When I was about eight, I can remember my parents taking me to the toy store. “Pam, go pick a toy,” they said. (Yup, I was raised an only child). I went and got a book. My parents looked at each other. “This is not a toy; it’s a book. We’ll get you the book, but you can have a toy, too.” Eight books and one toy later, we’d leave the store.

Happy reading everyone!

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  1. It's so good to be here at the Pink Heart Society! Just so you know, since I wrote the blog, I'm three books into my RITAs. Yeah. And, Mikey's favorite is still Corduroy, but he's really starting to like Dick and Jane.