Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Temptation Tuesday with Shelley Galloway

This Tuesday at The Pink Heart Society we're pleased to welcome back Shelley Galloway, who's here to talk about something that tempts us all!

Tempted To Turn Back Time

Happy 2009! This year will bring a host of special events for my family. My daughter will get her driver’s license, our son will graduate high school, and this summer, my husband and I will celebrate twenty years of marriage.

Where did the time go? It sure doesn’t seem like twenty years have gone by since I was planning my wedding…or changing diapers…or buying Legos…or organizing the neighborhood carpool.

Obviously, it has.

But, as my son likes to say, ‘it’s all good.’ I’m excited to celebrate these milestones, and to imagine what life will be like during the next twenty years. Maybe one day soon I’ll figure out how to be a better housekeeper and more organized, too.

Or maybe not.

Isn’t it funny how we all wish we could rewrite history a time or two? In my new Harlequin American Romance, Mommy In Training, my hero and heroine are re-meeting after almost ten years. Matt Madigan comes back to town, hoping to be the hero of his small town by bringing in a supercenter.

The heroine, Minnie Clark, has her hands full, too. Minnie’s now raising her niece, whose parents died unexpectedly in a car crash. During the story, both Minnie and Matt are struck by how much has changed and yet stayed the same over the last ten years.

Kind of like me, I guess.

So, what am I tempted to change? Hmm…

1) I wish I hadn’t spent so much time caring about schedules and calendars.

2) Looking back, I shouldn’t have cared about how many times we ordered pizza from Dominoes.

3) I wish I would have realized that years really do go by quickly. I should have savored the moments more and yearned for an extra hour of sleep just a little bit less.

What about y’all? Anyone have something in their past that they’re tempted to change? Or…that they’d like to keep just the same?

Thanks for letting me visit the Pink Heart Society today!


To learn more about Shelley and her latest Harlequin American release, Mommy In Training, be sure to check out her website.


  1. Hi Shelley - how I agree with you about the evaporating years. Where DO they go?
    As for change, my sister and I are encouraging each other with out New Year Resolutions. We're going to meet up once a month for some sort of decadent snack to swap our triumphs - we hope! Whatever happens, the coffee will be good...

  2. Hi Christina!
    How lucky you are to have your sister close by! Mine lives in Athens, Greece.
    I love the idea of meeting with snacks to celebrate triumphs! A latte and something tasty is usually all the motivation I need.


  3. Shelley, thanks for being here today!

    Sometimes I wish I'd starting writing sooner, and I often wish I was better at time management. But...what's happened has made me who I am today so I can't truly regret it. I've got it pretty good and the bumps are all learning experiences! LOL

  4. I'm in the same boat with you-lots of changes this year. I wish I'd been more appreciative of the kids when they were little. Time really does fly by.

    Looking forward to your new book!

  5. Hi, Shelley -- Congrats on MOMMY in TRAINING! My husband and I are trying a new thing this January (talk to me in December about how it all worked :) We're going to be "Yes!Men!" That's right -- inspired by Jim Carey's movie -- scary, huh? Trying not to look back (so hard!) -- But to look forward and embrace all ideas, invitations, etc with a resounding, gusto-filled YES!! Except if you've seen the movie -- not doing the Red Bull thing...Yes,yes, am not doing that...

  6. Hi Donna,

    You're definitely right about all those experiences-good and bad-shape us into the people we are today. Now I just need to remember that those hard times will one day be beneficial!

    Thanks for saying hi.


  7. Heather! Did we every truly appreciate your daughter's love of tiny lamb stuffed animals?? Yes, I know she's now beautiful and a teenager...but in my mind she'll always be four.


  8. Cathy,

    WOW, here's to hearing that gusto-filled yes all the time! I guess if I want you to do something now's a great time, hmm?
    Thanks for stopping by!