Monday, January 12, 2009

Male On Monday - Shawn Christian

This week at The Pink Heart Society our very own Trish Wylie is here to tell us about an all too recent discovery in the hero inspiration category… Shawn Christian

It's amazing what you can find when you don't have anything to watch on late night TV and you're too lazy to go look for which corner of the universe you left the remote control in this week… You glance briefly up at the screen and BAM! There he is. The kind of guy just begging to inspire a hero… And when I accidentally found him in the movie Red Skies (which wasn't that good btw but I suffered through it for – erm research purposes…) he wasn't just pretty to look at with GREAT eyes (I'm an eyes gal), his character was also highly intelligent, funny, sarcastic and sexy as all hell. Material I can work with I tell ya!

Turns out the man now firmly on my radar for a future book is Shawn Patrick Christian and he was born on December 18th, 1965 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. A good day for birthdays it turns out – Brad Pitt was born on the 18th December too…

After graduating from Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan in 1989, he moved to Chicago to pursue an acting career. Starring in numerous stage productions, he began appearing in commercials and worked on stage with improvisational company Improv Olympic before becoming the first male spokesman on Star Search. Landing a role in As The World Turns in 1994, he moved to Los Angeles, playing several other small roles and going on to the play Piper's boyfriend Josh in Charmed. Can someone please tell me how I missed that?! In fact, on further inspection this chap has been in quite a few shows where I should really have noticed him before. He's appeared on all three CSI's; Vegas, Miami and New York. He's been in an episode of Friends, has had roles in Boston Legal, Ghost Whisperer, Will and Grace and Las Vegas. And if we got the soap opera Days Of Our Lives where I live I could have caught sight of him there… Though considering the fact I completely missed him in all the other shows I have watched, maybe not…

When he's not working, 6ft tall Shawn enjoys racquetball, basketball, football and weight training, as well as many water sports. And naturally he's married. He met his wife, Deborah Quinn while they were both models auditioning for a print ad in Chicago way back in 1991 and the couple married in 1996. They have a son, Kameron, who was born in 2000.

Oh. And just to add to his obvious merits, Shawn was awarded the Congressional Medal of Merit in his youth for outstanding leadership in his community.

Well, he's filled all my criteria for hero inspiration. Sigh. So ladies, what do we think? Is anyone else inspired?

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  1. Days of Our Lives...that's where I've seen him...

  2. Definitely inspired here Trish. Nice catch.

  3. See, we don't get Days Of Our Lives... and let's just say the hero inspiration in Eastenders and Corrie isn't quite up to scratch...

    Glad to be of service Heidi ;) I have him scheduled in for my next Romance now... And I already have a heroine so once this new Modern Heat is done...

  4. Oh, boy. Give him a cowboy hat and I'm inspired!

    Marin Thomas
    A Cowboy's Promise (April 09)

  5. Shawn Christian is the most gorgeous man on daytime right now everyone at Insatiable loves him

  6. Shawn Christian is a real find! He is the perfect inspiration for a romance novel....sooooo passionate. You should check out his forbidden love affair on Days of our Lives. His character Daniel is having an intense afair with Chloe, played by the equally beautiful/sexy Nadia Borjlin......there is nothing else like them on TV

    Go to youtube and wathc all the vids if your feeling romantic

    I will be first in line for the book..... xoxoxoxo