Monday, January 19, 2009

Male On Monday : Jon Bon Jovi

We're not sure how new Harlequin Presents author Kimberly Lang scored a coveted Male on Monday post here at The Pink Heart Society...but it may have something to do with her wicked taste in men and the twenty bucks she slipped Donna...


Since I’m rather new to the whole writing biz, my hubby still doesn’t understand that spending hours trolling the internet for prime pictures of hotties is actually really important research. Many thanks to the PHS gang for giving me the argument-proof excuse of “I’m doing Male on Monday! I have to do this!”

Although there are some pretty fine specimens out there to chose from, I knew exactly who I’d chose for my very first Male on Monday appearance. Jon Bon Jovi. He’s been my crush since I first tacked up this poster on my bedroom wall:

Hmm, that’s a bit embarrassing. Especially since Jon and I had the exact same haircut in 1987. (And no, I won’t be posting a picture of that!) In 1987, Jon ruled my teenage world. While other crushes came and went, Jon was always there in the background.

Sure, Bon Jovi has been a constant in rock for the last 25 years and they’ve sold over 100 million albums, spawning hits right and left. I think everyone on the planet knows the words to at least one Bon Jovi song. I rock out to Wild in the Streets and Raise Your Hands. I’m still Livin’ on a Prayer. You want to Make A Memory, Jon? Come on over here, baby, ‘cause I’d Die For You. I’ll Keep The Faith, honey. Bon Jovi recorded the soundtrack to my adolescence, and every song brings back a memory of some kind.

What I love most about Jon, though, is that while my other crushes of the 80s and 90s aren’t holding up well, Jon seems to only get better with age.

At 45, Jon is still smokin’ hot. Yowza!

And this smile is still guaranteed to reduce me to a puddle of “Please-take-me” goo.

Of course, as I’ve gotten older, the idea of what makes a man sexy has changed a bit (Spandex and large amounts of hairspray have fallen off the list). The fact he’s still married to his high school sweetheart and the father of four kids only adds to his appeal – a civilized bad boy will set me a-quiver any day.

There’s just something about a handsome man adoring his kids that melts my heart – plus, I get the excuse to post another shirt-less Jon photo.

Back in April, I paid an exorbitant amount of money for mediocre seats just to see Jon live. And it was worth every penny. My thirty-something heart fluttered just like it did when I was fifteen. Fine wine, good Scotch, and Jon Bon Jovi: some things just do get better with age.

How are your crushes holding up? Let’s talk about men who are still setting your pulse pounding after more years than you’d like to count.

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  1. Aw, great pics and post Kim! And we won't say anything about the exchange of money, alright?

    Here's a memory for you - I spent a weekend with the grandparents of a friend over Christmas holidays one year. This friend's cousins lived next door. One cousin was a few years older than me and I thought him very cute. It was when Shot Through The Heart was being played EVERYWHERE. I have some great memories of that weekend. :-)

  2. Ahhh... Jon. Definitely better now. And those tickets were worth it, for sure.

    A timely subject as well. I just saw Bryan Adams in concert on Friday. Love that man. Loved him for as long as I can remember. He looks just the same as he always did. Not sure how he does it. But I like it. :)

  3. Kim, he's one man that gets more gorgeous with age. And he's on my screensaver totty gallery.

    Nice choice, hon :o)

    Ones that have lasted for me? David Coverdale. I saw him in a very small venue (our local university) about three years ago, and he touched my hand. Twice.

    Robert Plant, too. I thought he'd aged. And then he gave that smile in the middle of a song - the one that could light up the whole world - and I was a teenager again. I don't care if he's technically old enough to be my dad. Gorgeous. And that VOICE.)

    (And of course there is another person I'd add in here. Except I get a MoM slot, the week of my birthday, and I'm saving him.)

  4. I was totally shocked not to have seen Jon here before... (and we're cool, Donna).

    Oh, but Jon always gives me a tingle. I think it's got to be the smile...

    SP--I"m still totally jealous of your Bryan Adams trip.

    Kate, I knew I liked you for many reasons...

  5. Hey, Kim! Great blog.

    SP, Bryan Adams has a voice that awakens the soul. But oddly, I've never been to a concert. There's mystery involved with music. I don't want to see a singer and then be heartbroken if he/she doesn't live up to my imagined expectations.

    Sounds like Bon Jovi has lived up to yours, Kim! His music is great and I love him in movies too.

  6. Aaah yes, Kimberly. Jon Bon Jovi has aged perfectly. I was a little older than my teens in 87, but I don't think crushes have age limits!

    And I agree with SP. Bryan Adams still does it for me too. I saw him in concert. A plain white T-shirt and jeans never looked so good!

  7. Hhmm, I'm more of a Marvin Gaye or Johnny Cash or Johnny Strummer girl meself... but as they're all dead (Heidi pauses to show her respect) I don't mind a quick peak of that picture of Jon Bon in the surf.

    Wasn't it one of his songs that had everyone up on their feet at Harlequin's RWA disco??

  8. I've got a Sting crush too... he's aging pretty well too. Ah, but that's another post. :-)

    It doesn't take much to get the Harl crowd dancing, but I'm sure Jon was in the mix at some point. Our DJ was pretty cute too!

  9. Hey Kimberly! My big sis was hte ultimate JBJ fan... I went with her to a concert here last summer and I have to say he blew me away - FINE body (and yep, great smile) but also very talented. It was an awesome who!

  10. omg - can you tell I'm typing in a hurry? I meant awesome SHOW

  11. I believe the song from the Harl party was 'Livin' On A Prayer' and I *might* have screamed it madly down the DJ's microphone... ho hum *saunters off whistling*

  12. Well, my husband and I don't listen much to music or attend concerts, but as for Bon Jovi? We love listening to him talk. He is so real, his feelings for mankind, love, forgiveness, giving, helping others, etc. Thanks Bon Jovi for helping others and helping others feel they are worth more than than know.