Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Writers' Wednesday - New Beginnings

Our Natasha has picked her way across the boxes filling her sitting room and found her computer ...

AND managed to connect it to the internet. It's nice to round off 2008 with a success!

You think I'm joking, don't you?


Sooo not! It's all about the floor. It's a l-o-n-g story and I'll spare you BUT here is the store room which was once my sitting room.

It's been like that since the end of July.

And here's where I've been trying to write.

That floor is sticky, too!

It should all be resolved sometime in January which leaves me free to look forward to 2009. Kinda. I have to say I don't like New Year's Eve much. I was skipping quite happily through them until the Millenium. That year my husband was diagnosed with cancer for the first time and I can't honestly say I've felt the same optimism ever since. I'm not a superstitious person. I quite cheerily walk under ladders and when I was acting could murmur 'Macbeth' backstage without any qualms (as long as no-one was around to hear me), but I do feel I'm tempting fate if I'm too overtly happy.

Trish'll be banging her head on her laptop reading that. I think we agreed 2009 was going to be great.

So .........

Resolution 1: I'm going to think positively. Apparently good things will then start winging their way in my direction.

Resolution 2: I will protect my writing time with the same tenacity I'd protect my children. That should please my editor.

Resolution 3: I will stop moaning about the weight I've put on. (Mind, I've phrased that one carefully. I'm quite at liberty to moan about having nothing to wear. vbg)

Resolution 4: I will schedule in fun things to do. In fact, I've already started on that one. Trish and I have booked our flights to Rome. Research. Naturally! Don't we have the best job?

So, what are yours? Confess!

And, since I won't 'see' you all again until we've begun the new year - I wish you and yours the loveliest 2009. May enough of your dreams come true to make you believe the rest will follow in 2010.

Much love

'Cinderella and the Sheikh' is out in NA and the UK right now!

The Romantic Times Magazine gives Cinderella and the Sheikh 4.5 'Oakley begins her Brides of Amrah Kingdom duet with a well-told story. The exotic setting -- and Rashid -- add a dash of mystery and glamour.'


  1. Congrats on the 4.5 stars, Natasha Rome? Oh, yes, I could do with some of that, although I can't see a moment when I'll be unchained from the laptop until maybe two days in the summmer.

    I really hope this year is a good one for you.

  2. Good luck with your resolutions, Natasha!

    Wishing you all the very best for 2009 - I hope you have the loveliest of years.

    Michelle (who doesn't make NY's resolutions any more because that seems a surefire way of her not keeping them... but who intends to remember to be grateful for all the good things she does have)

  3. Congrats on the 4.5 stars! And good luck with the floor (and also with the floor - as you know, mine is the same... and is meant to be fixed in January...)

  4. Duh, that was meant to say good luck with the *resolutions* (and the floor). Blame it on a) envy about your visit to Rome and b) the lurgy... I'm going back to bed!