Saturday, December 27, 2008

Weekend Wind Down: My Christmas Top Five

Today, Fiona Harper, looks back over the Christmas holiday and wonders why she loves and loathes different aspects of it:

Ask me to make a list of my top five songs, or my top five movies, and I'm stumped. Too many choices. But, funnily enough, when I thought about my top five favourite things about Christmas, it was easy to pin them down.

1. Seeing my kids get all excited as Christmas Day looms closer.

2. Fairy lights. Who doesn't love these twinkly, sparkly little things? Just the sight of them makes me feel all Christmassy. I have to say, though, when it comes to fairy lights on my tree I'm a purist. Plain white, nothing too fancy or showy. Why mess with perfection?

3. Christmas food - especially bread sauce, pork and chestnut stuffing and just about anything that can qualify as a mini, bite-sized party offering.

4. Not having to go to work but having time to snuggle up in the long, dark afternoons with a good book.

5. Ditto all the fabulous Christmas movies on TV. My absolute favourite is ‘White Christmas’. I watch it every time it's on just to see Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye doing their infamous ‘Sisters’ routine.

However, just to balance things out, I have also made a list of my top five least favourite things about Christmas. Not that I'm a Scrooge or anything. But I'm getting old enough to have a hint of the Grumpy Old Woman about me:

1. My expanding waistline. I'm afraid this is directly related to item number three on the above list. And lots of chocolate.

2. People forgetting what it's all about in the first place. It's supposed to be a season of peace and goodwill to all. Why then, do people feel the sudden need to get steal parking spaces from under your nose and elbow you to death in the shops? Things like that get my goat at the best of times. At Christmas, it just seems plain wrong.

3. Perfume ads on TV. None of them make sense. They are unwaveringly pretentious and get recycled year after year. Yes, this one qualifies me for being a GOW (Grumpy Old Woman). And you know what? I don't care!

4. That horrible feeling of emptiness when you realise there are no more presents left open.

5. In fact, that horrible feeling of emptiness that comes when Christmas is well and truly over! Knowing that I have to go back to work and this wonderful little bubble of time is over for another year. Sometimes reality sucks.

So, what are the things you love and the things you love to hate about Christmas? Come and share!

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  1. Hi Fiona

    Lovely post...

    My favourite things...

    Spending quality time with family and friends.

    Getting to stuff my face and justify it.

    The luxury of spending a whole day on a new 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle with my mum and sisters (why is it that men just don't get jigsaw puzzles?).

    Winning at Trivial Pursuit (the amount of utterly useless knowledge I have in my brain is staggering!)

    My least favourite things.

    The mega clean-up after the event.

    Finding space to put all the new stuff we've acquired.

    Getting on the bathroom scales and watching the dial spin uncontrollably.

    Breaking up that puzzle and sticking it back in it's box (then finding somewhere to put that too!).

    Happy New Year

  2. Ooh, yes! I like puzzles too! But nobody in my family gets it. Boo hoo.

    I also love winning at Triv. But if my father is present, I've got a fight on my hands!