Thursday, December 04, 2008

Thursday 13 -- Romantic Holiday Gifts

It's that time of year, when we all puzzle over just what to get for those we love. (Those of you who shop in advance...I must hate your for the next month. Sorry about that.) For those of us still's what I found...

  1. Sexy Underwear - his or hers, both seems to work.

  2. Season Tickets - there is something about having dates on the calendar that spurs romance. just make sure they are for something you both enjoy.

  3. Dance Lessons - Dancing With The Stars has set off a phenomenon, and made even the most macho of guys think about stepping it up. Take a few lessons, and then show off at the next family wedding!

  4. Get Away - A weekend someplace special is a triple bonus -- a great gift, you get to escape too, and looking forward to getting away is a gift in itself.

  5. Get It Delivered - Chocolates, flowers, cookies...anything that creates a blush and grin at the office.

  6. Dinner Dates - A dinner cruise or dinner theater, something you can look forward to. Find a list of the top ten restaurants in town and promise to try each one this year.

  7. Engrave It - a watch, ring, wine glasses even. A friend got an engraved IPOD last year. Something they'll look at and remember you.

  8. Massage Oils...and the promise to use them

  9. Chocolate...because everything is better with chocolate

  10. Fortune Cookies - they're easier to make then you think, and you can do your own fortunes. Stumped? Try lines from your favorite romance novels or movies

  11. Love Letter - it's free and EVERYONE wants one...

  12. Personalize it - photo websites are great at this stuff - calendars, coffee mugs...boxer shorts!

  13. Scrapbook - You can put together a photo book of a special vacation to show how much the time meant to you. Not crafty? Those photo websites are great for scrapbooks too!

Jenna is celebrating the holidays with a sweet holiday story, free to her readers! It's all about what happens when love comes knocking at your door. Check out Jenna’s website, or blog.


  1. ..wha... .. I'm sorry, did somebody say something ....???

    I was just... distracted for a moment there....

  2. 12? What other twelve....

    I'm number one.

  3. Note to year do 13 underwear styles :)

  4. What I love are the love letters my dh drops on my desk randomly. No holiday or other excuse, just in the mood.

  5. All great ideas!


    My TT is at

  6. Great list. I'll take one of everything. ;)

  7. Maybe you should have made #1 the last item on your list if you wanted people to read the entire thing. LOL - great list!

  8. Wonderful list... I think...


    I love the fact that my hubby wears the "European" style of undies - like in the pic!