Monday, December 08, 2008

Male on Monday - Gerard Butler

And it's Natasha with a Male on Monday I can't believe we've not had before ... Gerard Butler!

It's a miracle I'm here. Finally the three year long saga that is my floor - long, l-o-n-g story and very dispiriting - is coming to an end. The messy bit is done and we're about midway to having the new one down. BUT that does mean I've had to unplug my 'big' computer which means I have no internet access. Difficult when you have a Male on Monday to write. Sooooooo, I've temporarily reconnected and am incredibly uncomfortable hunched over a floor based computer system!!!

BUT, the reason I'm here, Gerard James Butler, invariably called Gerry. 6' 2" tall. Single. What's not to like?? Sadly I haven't been able to discover whether he's a keen horseman for Trish but I do think he looks promising, don't you?

He was born on the 13th November 1969 in Glasgow, Scotland but spent the first two years of his life in Montreal, Quebec. When his parents divorced, his mother returned to Scotland and he had no further contact with his father until he was sixteen years old. Sadly his father died of cancer when he was 22.

His first ambition was to be a lawyer. He has the degree but left the law firm he was working at one week before he was qualified to practise law. It's said his career as an actor began when he was spotted in a London coffee shop by Steven Berkoff who offered him a role in the play 'Coriolanus'.

His film debut was in 'Mrs Brown'. He played Billy Connolly's younger brother. During filming he was having a picnic near the River Tay when he heard the shouts. A young boy had been swimming with a friend and got into trouble. Gerard jumped in and saved him, later receiving a 'Certificate of Bravery' from the Royal Humane Society.

I first noticed him in 2004 when he played the Phantom in the movie adaptation of 'The Phantom of the Opera'. (The role of the Phantom was originally offered to John Travolta who turned it down because he felt the film wouldn't work and both Antonio Banderas and Hugh Jackman were turned down!)

And in 2005 he played the really very sexy 'stranger' in 'Dear Frankie'. Now that's a lovely film, I think.

Then in 2007 he played Gerry Kennedy in 'PS I Love You'. 2008 it was Jack Rusoe and Alex Rover in 'Nims Island'.

While I was looking for a YouTube video I happened upon this one. All good research for a romance novelist I feel ...

So what do we think???

Much love

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  1. We hadn't had Gerard Butler? Thank goodness you rectifiedt he situation!!

  2. blimey, I can't believe we havent had this guy already. I did Dear Frankie for a Friday Film Night yonks back. Loved that movie and him in it. Smouldering, sexy, surly, a little bit aloof and a leather jacket! Whats not to like.

    Good pick Natasha.

  3. Mmmmm he is currently the wallpaper on my laptop. Purely for research purposes! He is the inspiration for Lucas Kern in my next wip.

  4. Goodness me, no Gerald Butler until now?
    He has been a pin up for the Harlequin Hussies for a number of years and has served as inspiration for a number of books.
    Taken by the Viking's hero Haakon owes a certain amount to him for example...

  5. Well, all I can say is it's about time! That man should have every day of the week dedicated to him.
    He's positively sex on a stick. You just know he's a man who'll deliver on all of his promises. He's so reckless and sexy that I hold my breath every time he kisses on screen.
    Watching 300 is a weekly tradition of mine, you can never have enough Gerry.

    And the accent? I think I may have just drooled on my keyboard.


  6. Oh, thank you for that. Vastly improved my very ordinary day.