Saturday, November 01, 2008

Weekend Wind-Down - A Book With Biddy

A Book With Biddy is back - with a twist. Since Biddy's neck-deep in revising/rewriting her current masterpiece, her blog's a little bit less about the progress and more about the problem...well, we'll let her tell you...

Due to circumstances outside her control and increasing keyboard bashing (and not all of it using her forehead), this week’s A Book with Biddy is being brought to you by two people who have a vested interest in her finishing the book; the hero and heroine, Jack Bailey and Zoe Lang.

Zoe: Well hello Pink Heart Society! *strums guitar* I wasn’t expecting to be here today to discuss this, I thought I was going to be working on some new songs but when Biddy broke down crying all over that part of the story and almost warped my guitar I thought it best to come in her place.

The problem she is having is with that… that… Neanderthal, Jack Bailey! Oh yes he looks gorgeous and all, kisses like a dream and… and… anyway *coughs and blushes* but he is soooo annoying! And dictatorial! Oh yes he does it with that little smile and tries to charm you into doing things but deep down it is his way or the highway. Bloody man!

And after his last little ‘surprise’ I’m not surprised Biddy has washed her hands of him! Just because he wants to ‘show’ his father how successful he is doesn’t mean he gets to ride roughshod over everyone else… and take my job down with him. The job I need so I can go to Nashville and record my song writing demo. I still have to recite the whole of Willie Nelson’s back catalogue in chronological order just to keep myself from doing something I regret like kissing, I mean kicking him.

How do you recover from that? You don’t! You say ‘thanks, but no thanks’ and hightail it out of the country and try and live your dream on a shoestring budget. You focus on the music and ignore the fact everything you write is about heartbreak. And you definitely don’t let him sweet talk you into believing he has changed, talk comes easily to these PR types, its all in the spin. And you most definitely don’t fall back into bed with them ‘one last time’.

Jack: Hmmm I can see that Zoe has been in here already, so I have my work cut out for me *wry grin*. The way I see it is that Biddy is completely burnt out. Wrestling with a stubborn, driven and feisty woman like Zoe would try the patience of anyone and Zoe has been particularly contrary.

I had come up with the perfect plan, deliver a cracking project jointly with my father’s company and at the same time poach my father’s biggest client from him. It was perfect. And the added spark of working with Zoe was a bonus. A sexy and sultry bonus. Adding value, I like to call it. She’s all in a strop because I hadn’t let her in on the poaching part of the plan. How could I? She worked for my Dad. And what did that have to do with what we were doing out of work hours?

I’m good at what I do and I’ve proved it. Now I’ve just got to prove to Zoe that we can make this work and that’s what I need Biddy’s help to do.

But as she’s busy crying in the corner muttering “It’s all too difficult” it looks like it is up to me to turn this around. It’s a good thing I’m in public relations; someone has to spin this story a happy ending. If I can just get Zoe alone, I’m sure I can persuade her how good we are together…
NEXT MONTH: Biddy joins us for her final 2008 post with a recounting of the trials of finishing the book, what's up next and the angst of two little consonants....G and H....

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  1. Biddy hurry up, I want to read this book!
    x Abby Green