Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Temptation Tuesday - Wish List

Today PHS editor Donna Alward joins us with a dream wishlist - a travel list of places she'd love to see!

My mum was visiting this weekend and asking about Christmas etc. and what I would like for gifts. It was a silly sort of conversation and I jokingly said that travel vouchers are always welcome. But it really would be a dream gift. One of my biggest desires is to travel. I haven't done a huge amount of it, and now that I'm writing I seem to have gorgeous, evocative settings plaguing me from every direction. Let's pack, hop on a plane and just GO.

Of course my critique partner, Michelle Styles, doesn't help. Last year she went to Malta and her pictures inspired a whole section of The Rancher's Runaway Princess. This year she went to Sorrento. I had to content myself to living vicariously while she sent me pictures and accounts like this one:

Sorrento was magical. We had rooms overlooking the Bay of Naples and Vesuvius. The weather was around 25C and mostly sunny. There were several spectacular lightening storms at night.

I did miss you. You would adore Sorrento.

She really knows how to get a girl where it hurts, doesn't she?
She also posted about travel wish lists and it made me think about it even more. If I could where would I go? And why?

In no particular order, some of my top places I'd like to visit:

An English tour. I whet my appetite when I visited London last year and merely made a tiny scratch in the surface. And the more authors I "meet" the more I long to see their section of the world. I'd love to take the family and start in London. Travel to Norwich and see Kate Hardy. Lincolnshire to Kate Walker. Northumberland to see Michelle. The midlands and Nell Dixon, the Lake District and Anna Louise Lucia, Yorkshire and Jessica Hart, and Wales and Liz Fielding. Look out, ladies! All that stands between you and crazy Canadian houseguests is one kick butt royalty cheque! LOL I'd also like to spend some time in the Salisbury area and down to Dover as I'd love to see the castle and also the tunnels from WW II.

Ireland. Trish, you didn't seriously I'd leave out you and Sean did you? Ruins and stone circles and fabulous friends...not sure life could get any better.

Normandy. I have a real thing for WW II and I would love to go to Juno Beach and the Canadian centre there commemorating the D-Day landings. I can't imagine going to France without heading to Paris for a weekend of decadence. And to Versailles.

Italy. Just about any part, I think, though Rome, Venice, and a Tuscan tour would be top of the list. I did some research on Siena once that made me want to go there so badly I could taste it. Capri. Naples and the Amalfi coast. Sigh, sigh, sigh. I want to rent a villa and just soak it up.

Salamanca. I will confess to being a Rick Steves Travels in Europe junkie. Even my girls - young as they are - ask me to tape it and we make an event of watching it and having a virtual vacation. We saw the program on Madrid and Salamanca and what struck all of us was the vividness of everything. White buildings, heartbreaking blue sky, gorgeous gardens.

I know there are scads of other places. I'd like to take a trip to St. Lucia, and I'd like to do an Alaskan cruise. Will I ever make it to any, not to mention all of these places?

Who knows? But a girl can dream...

What places are on YOUR wishlist?

Donna's current work-in-progress is set in her fictional town of Larch Valley. The first book set in her western Canadian town, The Rancher's Runaway Princess, is a January release. That means in one short week it will be available on eharlequin.com! Who needs to travel to find romantic settings anyway? Romantic Times called the Alberta setting of Prairie Rose Ranch and Larch Valley, "gorgeous".


  1. I think I'll just jump in your suitcase, Donna. It looks like you've got some great places on your wish list. I just got back from the south of France and Cornwall last month. I had a blast. Add them to your list! I'll stick some pix on my blog today and you can have a vicarious visit.

  2. But I did think about you! And you would adore Sorrento. The air breathes romance.

    Here's to your kick-butt royalty cheque so you can travel and more importantly come and visit all those places you want to.

    One of the best things I have ever learnt is that travelling to foreign countries simply means you need to buy a ticket, no other special qualification required. But it is helpful to have travel wish lists.

    Next stop for me -- Venice.

  3. Anne - I've been over and wow fabulous pictures!

    Michelle...you realize you're STILL killing me here, right?

    I did find out the other day that we're going somewhere slightly different in Florida next year, which is good because it will be nice to see something different even if it is only an hour from where we stayed last time. I'll take what I can get!

  4. You know there would be a real Black Country welcome waiting for you here. Plus, we do have Cadbury world - think of the chocolate!

  5. Hey, you know you have a welcome here. (Just let me get my kitchen put back together first, OK? This house is sheer chaos right now!)

    My wishlist: very top is Norway (has to be in Feb, preferably Tromso, so I can see the Northern Lights), then Sorrento (I too had those emails from Michelle... and the same reaction). I'd also like to visit the Maelstrom in the Arctic circle, Lapland and the North Pole (hey, can you guess where my next book is set? - am grilling lovely Nicola Cornick about her trip to Spitzberg). And Iceland to see the hot springs. And...

    Oh. DH just reminded me that I am supposed to have warm places on my travel wishlist as well. (Hey, Sorrento/Naples/Pompeii = warm.) That'd be Canada, Arizona, New England in the Fall, New Zealand, Melbourne and Sydney (lots of people I want to party with there), and Luxor.

    But most of all I am desperate to see the Northern Lights...

  6. Just tell me when and we'll be ready, chocolates and cats in the spare room waiting for you.... ;-)

    And in the mean time, do you need someone to carry your bags??? Because your wish list sounds awfully like mine... the only addition for mine being North Africa!

  7. Well you know Anna I did leave out Morocco....though I considered putting it on there...